MiKandi Japan And LINDA Take White Secret Crowdfunding To IndieGoGo On May 20th

Linda project white secret kickstarter

MiKandi Japan, Push! Publication, and LINDA’s White Secret crowdfunding campaign to bring LINDA’s translated doujins to the West along with funding a brand new doujin was upended when Kickstarted scuttled the project out of the blue. It turns out that a mass reporting campaign did them in, and even though Kickstarter originally manually approved the project at first, they later changed stances in favor of the detractors and said the project violated their rules. So now MiKandi and the crew are taking White Secret to IndieGoGo.

The announcement came via a post over on the the Push! Publication website, where they revealed that the suspension decision from Kickstarter would not be reversed. They shared the e-mail from Kickstarter’s Trust & Safety team, which read…

“We appreciate your frustration with this situation, but even after approval and/or launch projects are still subject to our rules. We’ve given White Secret a careful re-review, and determined it to be in violation of our rules, which we encourage you to reread: https://www.kickstarter.com/rules


“Hardcore/explicit pornographic material is not permitted on Kickstarter. He’s a comprehensive list of items prohibited by Kickstarter, so you can better understand the things to avoid: https://www.kickstarter.com/rules/prohibited […]”

What’s odd is that MiKandi has had various projects Kickstarted before, and like they mention in the letter, they did approve the launch of White Secret knowing beforehand what it would entail.

However, the letter also reveals that it appears Kickstarter’s Trust & Safety council can just as well reverse that decision when and where they see fit.

The floating goal post.

Anyway, Push! Pulbication, MiKandi Japan, and LINDA will be taking the project to IndieGoGo.

They explain…

“We understand it frustrates the supporters and would like this to resolve this as soon as possible so that the project can come to fruition. However, after the rejection of our appeal to Kickstarter, we have no choice but to move on by launching the crowdfunding project over at Indiegogo.


“The project will be officially launched on 20th May and will last for 30 days with the same funding goal of $40,000 USD. We hope that fans of LINDA can help us bring the project into reality via Indiegogo instead. More information will be revealed within the next couple of days.”

I don’t know if IndieGoGo is actually a better choice after what they did to Rebel Yell, shutting down the crowdfunding campaign and pulling the funds after people had already contributed to the project. The response from the Trust & Safety team was that the comic violated the terms of service, but then refused to reveal how.

Nevertheless, at least the trio are trying again, and hopefully they keep trying even if IndieGoGo pulls a Kickstarter. There’s definitely a healthy appetite from the community to see English translated works from LINDA along with funding a brand new doujin. So we’ll see how this all turns out when the IndieGoGo campaign goes live on May 20th.

(Thanks for the news tip MiKandi Japan)