MiKandi Japan And LINDA’s IndieGoGo Campaign Goes Live After Getting Booted From Kickstarter

Linda White

MiKandi Japan, PUSH! Publication, and LINDA were shafted by Kickstarter during the middle of their original crowdfunding campaign. However, the trio of lascivious-chasing content producers didn’t sit by flaccidly while opportunity and destiny passed them by. They picked themselves up by the bootstraps and rode the crowdfunding train straight onto IndieGoGo.

The official localization project will basically be a compilation of many of LINDA’s most prominent works, including the complete edition of If My Wife Cheats On Me, the two My Wife cases, the Party People manga, Circle and White Secret.

According to LINDA, who has been working on doujins and manga for the last 20 years, wanted to bring manga readers and doujin enthusiasts all of his most prominent works in a proper English translation, mentioning on the IndieGoGo page…

“[…] My works are based on my own interests: “Netorare” or “NTR”-type works. NTR refers to the pain of the shock and yet simultaneous sexual desire aroused in a married man when his wife engages in sexual relations with another man. This fetish is appreciated by people all around the world, and it is a great joy for me to be able to share my enjoyment of it with others. Going forward, I hope to express the charms of NTR in many different forms.


“This project is a compilation of the original doujin works I have made. It has been targeted for overseas readers, revised and improved, and most importantly, translated into English. My newest work “White Secret”, which is currently being drawn, will also be included! Most of these works are being translated into English for the first time ever. Please take this opportunity to enjoy my works! ^^ Let’s spread some love for NTR!”

The pledges start at $2 and scale all the way up to $1,500, the latter of which comes with all of the doujins, a digital and paperback artbook covering the LINDA project, a postcard, four taspestries, two dakimakuras, an exclusive limited edition XL mousepad, a limited edition box for all of this stuff, along with an exclusive shikishi-board hand-drawn by LINDA, and a special credit in all of the books for the $1,500 pledge.

There are stretch goals as well, all of which are rather interesting as the more the stretch goals are unlocked the more pages in each of the books will be fully colored.

If you want to support the crowdfunding campaign you can do so by visiting the IndieGoGo page. They currently have a goal of $40,000 with a campaign set to run for 30 days.

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