Netflix’s I Am Mother Trailer Dabbles In Robotic Ecocide And Fatal Femininity
I Am Mother (2019)

I usually rag on Netflix often for their very blatant Left-wing, Liberal, Regressive political propaganda that they inject into various shows about as unabashedly as ProJared jammed his carrot stick into the Tumblr feeds of his pimply-faced fans. However, every once in a while Netflix will drop a trailer for a film that looks like it subverts the typical propaganda facet that we’ve come to expect from the streaming service.

One of their latest projects actually takes aim at toxic femininity, where manipulation, subversion, and skullduggery become the order of the day between three female characters, a young girl, an older woman played by Hillary Swank, and a robot with a dark secret voiced by Rose Byrne. You can check out the near three minute trailer below courtesy of IGN.

What’s interesting – beyond the common fact that the entire movie was basically spoiled within the near three minute runtime of the overly long trailer, and that someone needs to fire the people who edited the trailer together – is the fact that while there are are no males present in the flick all the conflict unfolds between three female led characters, one of which is an autonomous droid.

The only innocent character in the flick is the young girl who is caught between two parties at war with each other. Swank’s character attempts to convince the young girl that all the robots are evil, while the motherly robot attempts to convince the young girl that Swank and the rest of the humans are dangerous.

I Am Mother - Mother

Meanwhile, some mean looking androids with some badass looking weaponry seem to have taken over the world and committed ecocide so there’s nothing left.

Some of the robots have some interesting designs, like that walking turret. It looks about dangerous as a truck of peace in Sri Lanka.

Anyway, you can look for I Am Mother to to hit Netflix on June 7th. Of course, as a keen reminder… Netflix is woke. So keep that in mind.


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