Netflix’s Rim Of The World Trailer Is Basically The Goonies, Jurassic Park, And Independence Day Rolled Into One
Rim of the World (2019)

Netflix dropped the trailer for their upcoming sci-fi adventure film, Rim of the World. The streaming movie is about a bunch of kids trapped in an apocalyptic alien invasion who have to muster their wits and try to do what they can to save the planet from monstrous extraterrestrials.

The movie features a kid being dropped off to an adventure camp for the summer by his mother. He meets up with the typical diverse cadre of kids, but instead of going on misadventures and engaging in goofy hijinks, the kids find themselves on the run from alien invaders that violently invade the Earth.

The film is self-aware enough to point to the fact that the invasion angle seems very similar to the 1996 sci-fi action film, Independence Day. Only, instead of towering insectoid creatures making life miserable for the inhabitants of Earth, some dino-dog creatures seem to be running amok, making life miserable for the inhabitants of Earth.

The trailer seems to give away large portions of the plot, as we see the kids trek from the camp to the big city after the initial attack takes place. Only, they find that the situation in the city isn’t much better.

After encountering soldiers getting wrecked by the aliens, one of the injured marines gives the kids a key to the satellite defense system and tasks them with getting the key to NASA. Because… of course.

So how do they get to the NASA center that’s 70-something miles away? A Mustang Boss, of course.

Netflix's Rim of the World - Mustang Mach 10

The film doesn’t seem to pretend in any way to be logically realistic, and it doesn’t pretend as if there’s any sort of grounded expectations from the aliens’ logic, especially given that they seem smart enough to out-maneuver military forces but can’t dispatch a few kids hiding under wooden stairs.

There’s also an obvious callback scene to the original Jurassic Park when the kids were hiding out in the kitchen area and the velociraptors were scouring the kitchen for their prey. The wide angle shot of the kid hiding behind the counter while the dog-dino alien sniffs them out is pretty blatant. But I guess imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right?

It doesn’t look like a great film, but the obvious 1980s style kid-adventure flick vibes that it emanates makes it seem like Rim of the World could be this year’s Attack the Block. Obviously, I can’t recommend subscribing to Netflix due to their obvious SJW agenda, but you can look out for Rim of the World to become available starting May 24th.


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