Nutaku Desktop Client App Download Available
Nutaku Desktop Client

Nutaku is pushing boundaries, breaking down walls, gaping holes, and nabbing the cognitive virginity of millions the world around, and their next foray into the daring delights of the devil’s playground includes a brand new desktop client that allows you to play and access Nutaku’s ever-expanding library right from the comfort of an easy-to-grope desktop app.

If you no longer want to go through the extraneous steps of having to surf to the Nutaku website every time you want to beat your… games… you simply have to head to the Nutaku desktop app download page.

Just click on the installation button and you’ll be able to download the app, open it up, log into your account, and begin playing and accessing games no different than how you access games on GOG Galaxy or the Steam client.

You’ll have a full library of high-quality, perverse playable games at your disposal, giving you all the joystick yanking action you could possibly ask for.

In celebration of launching the new client, Nutaku also announced that Sassy Squad from Bold Endeavor has also launched. The isometric shoot-’em-up is definitely a step up from the typical clicker games you’ll find on the adult games service. You can see what the hardcore, uncensored, R18+ 3D action title is like with the NSFW launch trailer below.

You’ll take on the role of vampire slayer, Jimmy, who must take down hordes of the undead alongside four super-sexy hunters. As you level-up and complete missions across 30 explorable locations, you’ll unlock hardcore animated sex scenes featuring 20 different positions for each of the girls.

There are five bosses to defeat, customizable powers, 70 different runes to acquire, along with daily challenges, and randomized daily levels.

To keep the action feeling intimate and personal, the game’s dialogue sequences are handled like traditional visual novels leading up to those hot and spicy moments that make this title Nutaku-worthy.

You can get your hands on Sassy Squad right now either through the newly launched Nutaku desktop client or you can head to the NSFW Nutaku store page and grab the free-to-play isometric action game right now.


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