Observation Gameplay Walkthrough
Observation - Gameplay Walkthrough

No Code’s Observation for the PlayStation 4 and PC is a horror sci-fi puzzle game that has been making its way around the gaming sphere. It’s basically a modern day version of Night Trap. For gamers who picked up a copy of the title and are looking for a gameplay walkthrough, you’ve stumbled upon the right website.

YouTuber MKIceandFire has a complete Observation gameplay walkthrough and playlist for the title, which you can check out below.

The game starts with a radio transmission from one of the crew members aboard the Observation, Dr. Emma Fisher.

You can either accept or reject Emma’s voice recognition analysis, which is kind of funny because you’ll have to do it again if you don’t accept her response.

You play as the AI, Sam.

Your first task is to get diagnosis from Module 9. Click on Module 9 from the map hub and at the top, click on Pressure, and then enter into Response Mode and confirm to her that it’s safe.

You’ll then need to click on Module 10 and then click on the Hull Contacts and click on the tab to confirm.

A short cinematic will play and you’ll have to click accept to proceed to the next segment.

Observation - Operation Control

You’ll need to run diagnostics of Sam’s systems. Click on the diagnose button and then enter into the Response Mode to tell Emma what the status is of the diagnosis.

Run the diagnosis of the memory core and then hold down the corresponding buttons to run diagnostics of the memory modules. Proceed to do the same for the third network features.

Next you’ll need to move the cameras around in the next module.

Move the camera around and locate each of the objects in the room and then you’ll need to zoom into the document on the wall for the system link reset.

The document is the paper that’s visible on the blue wall visible from camera ‘B’ as indicated below.

Observation - Wall Document

You’ll then need to locate the hatch controls on the wall from camera ‘C’.

You’ll need to pair up the hatch control numbers and then open the hatch door.

Proceed to do the same for the second hatch control on the door to the left of the hatch, which will open the airlock.

Once Emma gets through the airlock you’ll finally have access restoration to your OS systems after a fire breaks out.

You’ll need to open up the OS menu and then use the map to go to EAS-04.

There’s a fire that has broken out.

Switch to camera ‘C’ and use the hatch control to interact with the fire and use the Response Mode to contact Emma and tell her that there’s a fire in EAS-04.

Emma will then need you to open the hatch in EAS-06. Use the camera to interface with the hatch to open the door.

Observation - Fire

Open the hatch and then use camera ‘B’ to look at the vents next to the environment sensor to expunge the fumes.

Switch to camera ‘A’ and look at the LFE 1 Panel to examine the residue that caused the fire.

Follow Emma to damaged module and you’ll need to input the code: 1442413324

After decoupling module 12, you’ll need to observe and report the damage of the station.

Switch to feed sequence 4 and then scale the camera up to the CN arm and use the Response Mode to convey the damage to Emma.

Switch to feed sequence 5 and convey the damage report of the fire to Emma.

Switch to feed sequence 3 and zoom in on the RU-07 module to convey the damage to Emma.

Observation - Saturn

Once all the damage reports are in the intro will finally come on. Yes, the intro sequence is half an hour long.

You’ll be given access to a portable sphere. Follow the tutorial on learning how to fly around and rotate.

Like the cameras you’ll be able to do use the Response Mode and you can connect or disconnect from the sphere using the map. Look at the C02 panel and use Response Mode to relay the information to Emma.

Proceed to fly over the laptop on the ground and then pair up with the laptop to complete your next objective.

You’ll need to get the fusion reactor online next. This requires traveling to EAS-01 using the sphere.

On your way there the power will go out in EAS-05. Emma will restore the power and you’ll need to head through Eas-03 and there’s a hatch to the right of the room that leads to EAS-01. Use the sphere to connect to the laptop to download the schematic. Switch to camera mode, interact with the hatch control panel and then enter into schematics mode. You’ll need to input the schematics using the L3 scheme as indicated in the image below.

Observation - Hatch Schematics

This will enable access to the experimental fusion reactor room.

Okay so the EFR puzzle isn’t that hard. You just have to modify the six nodes around the sphere after you inject plasma into the core. Once the plasma is properly contained fire up the reactor.

The black relic will then appear and it will flash several images in succession. Your objective is to place the objects in sequence as they appear in the black monolith.

Completing each sequence successfully will draw you closer to the monolith.

Proceed to connect to EAS module 3 and use the Response Mode to relay to Emma that the hull connection is damaged.

The hull will need to be repaired, so use the sphere and go into the room with the space suits, read the upgrade document and the three supplemental upgrade sheets.

Open up the OS menu and go into the memory core tab and you’ll need to connect the three upgrade nodes to the fragments. The upgrade schematics should be connected to the nodes as indicated in the image below.

Observation - Memory Upgrade

Once the upgrade is complete you’ll need to head outside and travel to EAS-03 to the control panel outside and reset the clamps.

Once the clamps are reset you’ll need to travel to the solar arrays and then use the Response Mode to relay the damage of the solar arrays.

Travel to the China and Russia arms.

Threre’s a laptop you can interact with to learn more about what happened to one of the crew members.

Also head to RU-07 at one of the fracture points and use Response Mode to relay the damage.

RU-07 is located adjacent to the China section of the station, just across on the other side. Once your spacewalk is complete re-enter into the station from EAS-03 near the Chinese section of the station.

Back inside the station, you’ll need to unlock the hatch again. This uses the same schematic from above. Use the L3 schematic to unlock the hatch to proceed to the next section.

A short cinematic will play and it will reveal Staz has died from central station being depressurized while he was still inside.

You’ll need to go into the OS screen and then open up the station alerts tab. Click on the first red square and it will be the coolant network that’s offline. Use Response Mode to relay the issue to Emma about the issue and then proceed to the UN arm of the station to repair the coolant network.

You’ll need to travel to ULB and then use camera ‘B’ to open up the UN-01 hatch using the schematics below.

Observation - UN Hatch Controller

Each of the UN hatches will require the proper schematics to open.

Proceed to UN-03 and access the coolant network nodes on the wall.

Switch to camera C to access the laptop to get the proper coolant network update.

Scan the coolant network schematics and then open up your OS and then proceed to use the fragments to connect the coolant schematics to Sam’s systems.

Once you get the upgrades installed and the schematics use the coolant network schematic to turn the network nodes back on using the configuration sheet below.

Observation - Coolant Network Schematic

Once all of the nodes have been restarted start each of the nodes to reboot the system and then start the fan to restore coolant functionality.

A short cinematic will play and then you’ll need to open up the OS window again and check the station alerts. The crew tracker will be offline and you’ll need to head to UN-01 to check on the crew tracker calibration.

Click on the enable sensor power control interface and then test the censor calibration. There will be a pad with different colored blocks. Turn all the red blocks to green and enable the sensor control to restore functionality.

You’ll need to restore the crew sensor functionality across all three modules, including the one in UN-06

Rinse and repeat the processor of enabling the sensors using the conversion keys to reactive the trackers.

Observation - Crew Tracker Conversion Key

Once the crew tracker is restored, go into the crew tracker tab fro the OS menu and then use the tabs to relay the status of the crew members.

Emma will restore the cameras in the Russian section of the station.

Access Rus-02 camera ‘C’ to scan the document and then access the laptop.

Proceed to Rus-03 and access the toru remote viewer from camera ‘C’.

Open the station alerts and there will be a camera failure from Rus-06. Use the Response Mode to alert Emma about the camera failure so she can restore functionality.

Access Rus-06 and then switch to Camera ‘C’ to get the code to the laptop. The code is: 9338

The laptop will grant you access to the RU hatch schematics.

Use the Response Mode to also inform Emma of Jim’s location so that she can travel to the Russian arm where Jim is located.

The hatch to get into Jim’s quarters is locked. You’ll need to use camera ‘C’ to zoom into the hatch panel and then use the RU hatch schematics to unlock the door.

Observation - RU Hatch Schematic

Jim is dead so it doesn’t matter that Emma reaches him, but Mae will have trouble outside.

You’ll need to head to Rus-02 to enter into the spacewalk to help Mae.

Go over to the end of the airlock panel and close the internal hatch, depressurize the airlock and then proceed over to the Chinese arm of the station.

Go around to the CN-01 hatch clamps and then open each of the clamps by resetting the servos for the damage clamps so that Mae can get into the hatch.

Move around to Mae and then use the Response Mode to contact Emma.

After Mae gets sucked into the storm there’s a small cinematic and then Emma will authenticate her voice, but the voice analysis won’t match. You can choose to accept or reject the faulty voice authentication.

In order to proceed to the next part you’ll need to get the captain’s authorization codes from EAS-07.

EAS-07 are offline. Use the Station Alerts to contact Emma about the EAS-07 cameras being offline. Once she restores them tap into the camera system in EAS-07 and access Camera ‘B’ so you can connect to the laptop on the left.

You can listen to the voice message and then exit and scroll over to the right and examine the document on the wall beneath the pendants.

Switch to Camera ‘C’ and access the Melfi Unit to scan the log data. You’ll find the code for the laptop on the right from a graduation photo of the captain. The code is: 2008.

This will reveal the code Precursor 1.

Use Response Mode to inform Emma about Precursor 1.

Proceed to RUS-04 and the black monolith will appear again. It will give you several images to input in order. Follow the images as they appear on the screen to move closer to the monolith.

After you complete the three trials of the monolith, you’ll be able to access RUS-04.

Switch to Camera ‘B’ and there’s a Station Functionality Review on the wall down the hallway that you can view on the right side of the wall.

Switch to Camera ‘A’ and zoom in to access the hatch controls and close the hatch. Switch to Camera ‘C’ and close the hatch on the wall. Proceed to activate the near field server and then activate the Astrophysics Terminal.

You’ll need to scroll the near field cameras down so that the right ascension is positioned at: 16, 14, 22

And so that the declination is positioned at: 48, 11, 11.

Observation - Near Field Communicaton Astrophysics Terminal

Proceed to send the data to the comms station.

Open up the OS menu and then go to the communication tab and put in the right ascension and the declination numbers that you gathered from the Astrophysics Terminal.

Connect Fisher’s comms array to the broadcast station so that she can send out a signal.

After Emma sends the message head back to the communication broadcasting station and listen to the encrypted and corrupt audio data.

Listen to the audio files and then go over to the memory core and connect the fragments in the audio decryption to decipher the message.

Once you hear the message from Josh, proceed to EAS-11.

You’ll need to get in one of the spheres and then open the airlock.

A short cinematic will play as Sam and Emma jettison across from the first statoin to the second rescue station.

Inside the new station you’ll need to navigate for Emma. Look at the hatch control and use Response Mode to inform Emma that Sam isn’t connected to the system network. Move through the open hatch and then use the Response Mode to inform Emma about the floating helmet.

In the next area there are two laptops, one of which requires a pin number to access the data.

There are some documents on the wall you can examine, as well as another laptop you can access that has a message from Josh.

Proceed to the UN-3 Link B hatch, which is closed. Use Response Mode to inform Emma that the hatch is closed.

Emma will open the hatch into universal command. Go over to the laptop and examine it and it turns out that the other station isn’t another station, it’s the same station.

Follow Emma through the corridors after Josh.

You’ll actually find the captain, Jim, who is alive in Rus-06.

Your next main objective is to get the module pressurized where Jim and Emma are located. You’ll also be informed that Josh has gone crazy constantly saying “Bring her!”.

Before you can restore the power you’ll need to do a sweep of the modules and examine the laptops and rooms.


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