Official PlayStation Blog Briefly Referred To Dead Or Alive 6 As Dead On Arrival 6
Dead on Arrival 6

During the Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe update for game releases on the week of May 13th, 2019, they mistakenly listed Dead or Alive 6 as Dead on Arrival 6, a slip-up that actually isn’t too inaccurate compared to the sales performance of the game.

An archive of the post lists the newly released DLC for Dead or Alive 6, but instead of listing the game as it was intended, they called it Dead on Arrival 6.

If it was a typo in the first word that would make sense. A typo in the second word is somewhat understandable. Maybe there was a missing letter or misplaced number somewhere, I think we would all be forgiving, but Dead on Arrival 6 seems very deliberate.

The thread on the Dead or Alive sub-reddit actually called out Sony for doing this, since some of them believed it seemed rather deliberate.

Most seemed rather anti-Sony in the comment section due to the censorship policies.


Now to be fair, there were a couple of other typos in the article detailing notable releases on the PlayStation Store that week.

A few people pointed out that they also had a typo with Sniper Elite V2, typing Sniper Elite VR instead.

However, even some of the regular visitors of the PlayStation Blog weren’t entirely convinced that it wasn’t a deliberate jab at Dead or Alive 6.

It’s not entirely a misnomer, though. If we’re judging the game based on the sales performance. Dead or Alive 6‘s first month of sales was pretty disappointing given that sales were down 40% compared to the original release of Dead or Alive 5.

Dead on Arrival 6 was also a name that many people used leading up to the game’s release. In fact, a lot of people attributed the disinterest in the game on two major factors: lack of content compared to what was present in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, and producer Yohei Shimbori’s wish-washy PR campaign of disaster.

Dead or Alive 6 - Oops

There was a heavy push to depict the game in the West as being SJW-friendly, which turned off all the fans of the sexy-time. There was an equally heavy push in Japan to depict the game as being true to its roots, which pissed off the Western game journalists. After playing both sides of the fence, neither side seemed to come to the table except for the unwavering fanboys who would support the brand through thick or thin.

In the case of Sony labeling the game as Dead on Arrival 6, the mislabeling of the game was promptly fixed after it spread around on social media and forums. If you check the current live version of the page it now correctly lists the game as Dead or Alive 6… although it wasn’t like the original published title was inaccurate.

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