Our World Is Ended Launches On Steam Uncensored

Our World Is Ended

Kotaku tried to pressure PQube into censoring Our World Is Ended on Steam for PC. The news outlet attempted to conjure up some hysteria over a few images that they didn’t like within Red Entertainment’s visual novel in hopes of spreading the disease of censorship to the title. Gamers, quite naturally, were worried about the potential outcome of Our World Is Ended launching on Steam, and the possibility of it being censored, but PQube confirmed that the game isn’t censored.

Our World Is Ended originally launched on the Switch and PlayStation 4, but just ahead of its PC release Kotaku attempted to pressure PQube into censoring the game. Quite naturally, this was the one topic that gamers made sure to ask about when the game did arrive on Steam on May 28th. A forum post from user AAAAA queries the status of its censorship, to which another user replies with a tweet from PQube who was asked the same thing. PQube responded with the following.

So if you were worried about PQube kowtowing to Kotaku, they didn’t.

After their run-in with Sony last year who forcibly had the Western release of Omega Labyrinth Z cancelled, PQube seems intent on staying true to their audience by avoiding the pleas of censorship advocates in the media.

As for the game itself, Our World Is Ended is a visual novel themed around a group of designers working on an augmented reality game that eventually begins to bleed over into reality, and some of the frightening creatures from the game world pose a threat to the real world.

It’s rare that we have publishers stand up on behalf of developers like this, but PQube seems to have found their niche and stuck with it instead of trying to skirt both sides of the field like Spike Chunsoft or Team Ninja.

If you want to pick up a copy of the game, Our World Is Ended is available right now for the Nintendo Switch and PS4, along with being available right now on the Steam store for $39.99.

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