President Donald Trump Is Asking For Examples Of Social Media Censorship
Trump Censorship

Given all the censorship happening across social media recently, President Trump and the White House have decided to crowdsource examples of Americans being censored on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or other services.

After President Trump said that they were monitoring the censorship taking place on social media, The White House opened up a web portal where you submit your information explaining what sort of censorship has befallen you on social media. You’ll need to fill out your first and last name, your zip code, what platform the censorship took place on, a link to your account (or where your account used to be), a link to the offending post, and a notification from the social media service (assuming they sent one). The idea is to gather as much data as possible about accounts that have been censored for innocuous posts and messages or politically themed posts that social media sites have labeled as “hate speech” even though the speech isn’t illegal.

If you don’t have the links to the offending post or your account is no longer active, if you managed to save screenshots of your account or content being censored, you can also upload images as well to prove that you’ve been censored.

As the image shows, this includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media services. If you choose to use “Other” just type in the name of the social media service.

Hopefully some of the big names from social media will make use of the service, such as Laura Loomer, the Proud Boys, Mumkey Jones, Alex Jones, and others that have been banned from these services. Google isn’t exempt from this either. They had a blacklist of “problematic websites” that hindered search results and shadow banned content from those websites from showing up in GNews or the general search index. There was also a report on the way impressions are filtered through Google that revealed a clear ideological bias in the way the algorithm was structured, as reported by Lifenews.

Also, hopefully those who have been de-platformed from credit processors also make a case, too. It all ties in together. For instance, the Proud Boys were banned from Twitter and the leader had his Chase bank account axed.

We’ll see what Trump does with all of the information and whether or not he makes use of the data to actually curb the increasing censorship that’s taking over the public space or if he uses it to work against the common interests of the people. In the Age of the Clown anything is possible.

[Update:] Politico did pen an open letter to the White House expressing their concern over the privacy data and personal information required to fill out the form, noting that the form is invasive and without guarantees. So that’s something to keep in mind.

(Thanks for the news tip James Drake)


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