Rabbit Burn, R18+ Brawling Casino Game Is Ripe With Sexy Bunny Girls And It’s On Steam
Rabbit Burn

Bio Sapiens and Eroge Japan’s Rabbit Burn is one of the few sexy-time ero-games to launch on Steam in recent times with all its raunchiness intact and the aim of giving gamers a bonerific great time without any of the Social Justice propaganda tacked on, or any of the content hacked to accommodate Valve’s ever-changing rulesets. The game is available on the Steam store in all its Adults Only glory.

Unlike other Adults Only games on Steam that are usually visual novels or hentai puzzle games, Rabbit Burn is an actual game. The idea is that men with rabbit masks and women in bunny costumes attempt to survive a crazy, depraved life-sized billiards-style game where it’s as raunchy as it is deadly.

The game’s story is about a secret organization that puts people in a game of life and death, where they must survive casino-style events to reach the final level. The objective is pretty simple: the men must beat other men and take up all the hot bunny chicks for themselves. Whoever wins gets to bang the bunny girls.

While brawling for victory might seem easy, it’s not. During the brawl there are giant billiard balls that can be projected across the table, damaging the participants and creating mayhem.

The objective is to get your rabbit guy to the finish while avoiding certain death from the giant balls.

There are 20 different levels to battle through, 30 different bunny girls to bed, and a gallery mode you can unlock so you can view each of the characters in a full 3D model viewer.

The game even comes packed in with a level editor to increase the replayability.

You can grab a digital copy of Rabbit Burn right now from over on the Steam store.


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