Rage 2 Launch Trailer Is An ADHD-Riddled Reverse Compilatoin Of Explosions And Chaos
Rage 2 Launch Trailer

Avalanche Studios and id Software’s Rage 2 is gearing up for release, and so Bethesda released the official launch trailer for the spastic first-person shooter, featuring an ADHD riddled compilation of barely discernible gameplay and a whole lot of ridiculous, over-saturated nonsense.

Now if you’re into the whole meme-culture of throwing everything and kitchen sink at the wall in hopes of something sticking, then you might like the epileptic-themed editing for the launch trailer of Rage 2. However, it was not to my liking… at all.

You can check out the launch trailer below, courtesy of Gamespot Trailers.

We do know that it appears as if you can select between a male and female character. We see that the game encourages online play in order to engage in live-services with “weekly dynamic events” and friend list connectivity.

The trailer itself doesn’t focus much on the gunplay, or the driving, or the enemy variety. We see a lot of special powers on display, though, such as being able to freeze enemies in the air or manipulate gravity. Personally, I just don’t find any of that interesting. I prefer when a first-person shooter is more about the shooting experience and bringing something visceral and immersive to the table. Once you start freezing people and slowing down time it becomes less about the weapons and more about spamming the powers when they’re not on cooldown.

Anyway, amid all the frantic clips and segments stitched together in reverse, we see a lot of explosions, two gay guys getting into a slapfight, and some deformed and ugly characters who will likely work as the quest-givers in the game.

I didn’t see much that made me think “Wow, I need to play this game.”

The guns look forgettable, the driving sequences almost seem okay but the only thing that was on display in the trailer were explosions, and the environments reminded me of Far Cry: New Dawn.

Anyway, you can look for Rage 2 to drop for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 14th for $59.99.


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