Rebel Yell Attempts To Recoup Funds From Official Store After Being Banned From IndieGoGo

Rebell Yell

IndieGoGo pulled the second issue for the comic Rebel Yell back on May 3rd, 2019. They claimed that the comic violated their terms of service. Beyond that the crowdfunding organization gave no reason as to why the comic was pulled. Well, the creators, Electric Dinosaur, decided to host the comic on their own official web store as a way to recoup funds after being banned from IndieGoGo.

You can purchase the first or second issue in digital format for $2.00 or both issues in print format for $8.00 each from over on the Electric Dinosaur web shop.

The comic is about a hero in the south who is under constant barrage from violent activists attempting to remove and censor all of the iconography from the south. He attempts to fight for the freedom of expression while angry mobs swell up against him. The both issues were initially crowdfunded through IndieGoGo but then the money was abruptly pulled without any explanation other than that the second issue of the comic violated the terms of service.

I did reach out to the IndieGoGo team to attempt to find out why the comic was pulled or what part of the terms of service it violated. Initially someone said they would look into it and forward the request to the Trust & Safety team, but then there was a stonewall when it finally did reach Trust & Safety team member, Brian. According to Brian, they’re not allowed to detail information with anyone outside the campaign team, saying via e-mail…

“Unfortunately, our privacy policy prevents us from sharing information with anyone not associated with a campaign team. We’re unable to share the actions we take and our internal processes.”

So basically, we have no idea why Rebel Yell‘s second issue was pulled, and not only are they not talking to the campaign team about why it was pulled, but anyone on the outside in attempting to find out why it was pulled is also getting the runaround.

Essentially, any project can be shut down because it offends the sensibilities of the IndieGoGo staff, and they don’t have to give you a sensible reason as to why they cancelled the project.

Plenty of backers of Rebel Yell were disgruntled at this outcome after they automatically received refunds once IndieGoGo pulled the plug.

We’ve been seeing a lot of this kind of deplatforming lately, where media is censored or people are banned for expressing opinions or sharing ideas that certain groups don’t like. A lot of this censorship seems to be escalating as we head into 2020 where the elections are set to take place.

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