Rebel Yell Comic Has Second Issue Pulled By IndieGoGo’s Trust And Safety Team
Rebel Yell

[Update 5/7/2019:] IndieGoGo’s Trust & Safety team responded to an inquiry about why Rebel Yell was pulled from the service, but they claimed that that information could only be revealed to the campaign team, saying…

“Unfortunately, our privacy policy prevents us from sharing information with anyone not associated with a campaign team. We’re unable to share the actions we take and our internal processes.”

[Original article:] Some backers of Electronic Dinosaur’s crowdfunded indie comic book, Rebel Yell, have reached out to express their displeasure at the fact that the second issue of the comic has been pulled from IndieGoGo and now the campaign is under review.

On Twitter one of the backers noted that IndieGoGo issued refunds to all of the people who backed the project, and pulled the crowdfunding.

If you’re unable to read the message from IndieGoGo’s staff, it states…

“Your transaction to Rebel Yell Issue #2 on Indiegogo has been refunded.


“Indiegogo’s Trust and Safety Team determined this campaign didn’t comply with our Terms of Use. You’ll no longer receive any perks associated with this transaction. Please visit our help center for further information on how Indiegogo protects users.”

The campaign page is still available over on IndieGoGo but you can no longer contribute to it and it currently has no funding.

Now keep in mind that Rebel Yell Issue #2 was funded back in February of 2019, as noted in an update by the creator.

Back on April 18th, 2019 they announced that they were preparing to send Rebel Yell to print, and revealed the full cover, which you can check out below.

Rebel Yell Cover

So far there’s no posts or updates from Electronic Dinosaur on what’s going on with IndieGoGo’s Trust and Safety team taking down the project.

It’s likely to do with some groups reporting the comic due to the imagery and themes. The description for the second issue is as follows…

“In Rebel Yell Issue #2, a miscreant mob seeks to purge the city of a particular statue.


“Will Rebel Yell be carried away in the tumultuous tide?”

The comic obviously pulls from the real-life sociopolitics surrounding the banning and prohibition of Southern iconography in recent times. Apparently someone at IndieGoGo didn’t like the idea that a comic would attempt to take a non-Leftist approach at tackling the subject matter.

Of course we can’t know for sure until someone at IndieGoGo issues a statement. I did reach out to IndieGoGo for clarification on why they decided to take down Rebel Yell‘s crowdfunding campaign for the second issue. If they respond the article will be updated with their response.

(Thanks for the news tip EvaUnit02)


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