Reddit User Was Banned From Socialism Sub For Being White
Socialism bans white people

A Reddit user was banned from the /r/Socialism/ sub-reddit back in mid-2018 for being white. The ridiculousness of this openly racist measure was only recently covered by the media after the image of the ban circulated across other sub-reddits and then found its way into the news sphere.

Summit News picked up the story that involved a user going by the handle of Crazy_Curtice being banned from /r/Socialism/ for being white. The image was shared via a post over on the /r/StupidPol/ sub-reddit, where the exchange between Crazy_Curtice and the moderator unfolded after he asked how he was banned for being white, and the moderator curtly responded with “No whites allowed.”

On May 1st, 2019 Crazy_Curtice shared his story in the /r/Conservative sub-reddit after the image went somewhat viral on Reddit. Curtice explained…

“I’m actually kind of surprised that everyone is talking about this now. The whole reason that screenshot exists is because someone in r/greentext was talking about how trashy r/socialism is, so I showed them how bad they can really be.This happened like half a year ago. I’ve seen this posted all over several different subs now, and a lot of people think it’s fake because I have “homophobic” comments in the past or I visit T_D occasionally. If anyone’s curious, yes it’s real. I’m not socialist, I commented on something that showed up on r/all. The post linked to an article that talked about some politician being racist. I simply commented saying that no race should be discriminated against, even if they are white. Apparently that gets me banned.


“It’s not that big of a deal. The world is a corrupt place, and as we near the end times, it’s only going to get worse. The Bible says not to waste our time with such trivial matters, and to focus on spreading God’s word. I’m not surprised or upset by the blatant racism displayed here.”

Curtice is correct. The world is corrupt. It will only get worse. We should know since we report on the escalation happening every single day.

Now if you’re curious what actually led to Curtice getting banned and what his comment actually said, he linked to the comment from /r/Socialism, which was deleted by the moderators. Curtice wrote…

“You know it’s funny how the meanings of hate speech and discrimination change depending on who it’s directed towards. You people constantly bash conservatives for “homophobia” and “bigotry” and all kinds of other things, but say something negative about anyone other than a straight white male and you need to be banned.


A bigot is someone who is intolerant of other opinions. If you are intolerant of the opinions shown on r/The_Donald aren’t you a bigot as well?


“Not to mention that is an American subreddit, and in America we have freedom of speech, religion, and expression by the first amendment of the Bill of Rights.


“TL;DR they have the right to say anything they want, and you can call them all the names you like, but you can’t ban them for expressing their opinions because that is the very discrimination you are speaking against.”

The comment was in reply to a Regressive Leftist who (also known as a Social Justice Warrior), who attempted to goad the Reddit administrators into permanently banning /r/The_Donald/ and all its users.

Curtice’s comment was also promptly removed along with hundreds of others.

This has been an ongoing measure from Reddit to weed out anyone who doesn’t lay prostrate in favor of the Social Justice Warrior agenda. They hate Western values, they hate structure and order, and above all else they hate straight, white men.

Reddit has been going out of its way lately to ban and remove users and subs that defy the Social Justice Warrior agenda, having recently banned SJW_Cringe and CringeAnarchy for being anti-SJW communities.

As usual, expect to see ban escalations to keep happening as Reddit continues to weed out people who don’t align with their strict Regressive sociopolitical views.

(Thanks for the news tip Qwentr)


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