Renault Does Nostalgia Right With An Awesome Live-Action Dungeons And Dragons Ad

Renault Dungeons and Dragons

A lot of times when people say “Wouldn’t it be cool if this franchise got a live-action adaptation?” the typical response from fans is “No!”. This is usually because live-action Hollywood flicks based on popular comics, games, or cartoons are almost universally composed of bullcrap. However, every once in a blue moon there’s a rare depiction of a classic franchise brought into the modern day era and done right. In the case of Renault’s Kwid Outsider ad that aired in Brazil, it was one of those rare times that the production team absolutely nailed it.

The commercial is for a sleek new Outsider SUV, but the vehicle takes a welcomed backseat to some slick action sequences and well-shot encounters with a dungeon-crawling team of adventurers based on the old cartoon from 1983. Check out the ad below from the Renault Brasil channel.

You know what’s crazy? They literally kept everything almost exactly the same as when it aired as a cartoon back in the 1980s.

The blonde haired archer, the hot Brazilian druid, the glasses-wearing wizard, the kid barbarian – I’m amazed that they even kept their races the same, too. In today’s Clown World usually they like race-swapping characters to piss off normal people, but I suppose since the original cartoon was already diverse enough, they didn’t have to bother being pricks about it.

Typically the blonde haired and blue-eyed hero is replaced with a husky trans-black lesbian cyborg or something of that nature, but this time they kept it true to form.

Dungeons and Dragons Renault Ad - Dragons

The commercial ends with the kids fending off an attack before the wizard opens a portal using the GPS that takes them back to the fairgrounds where they originally teleported in from.

Someone really did their homework with the commercial and it’s nice to see that for once nerd culture was represented properly in a mainstream commercial. In case you forgot what the original show was like you can check out the intro below courtesy of YouTuber retrowhiztv.

I doubt most normies will get it but it’s a nice nod to a classic franchise that helped shape today’s high-fantasy adventures. I guess not every company out there is intent on getting woke and going broke.

(Thanks for the news tip FlutterDash)

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