Salon Being Sold For Only $5 Million After losing 95% Of Its Peak Valuation
Salon Get Woke Go Broke

Anti-#GamerGate and feminist propaganda outlet, Salon, is being sold for only $5 million. That’s a near 95% drop from its peak valuation of $107 million back in 1999. They managed to find a buyer who put down 10% of the $5 million, but still has to pay off the rest over the course of the next two years.

According to, Salon is only selling for 4.7% of its previous peak value. The website originally got off to a hot start in 1995 and took a massive skyrocket upward during its initial public offering… just until the dot com bubble burst. However, the organization managed to maintain some measure of productivity and moderate stock valuation throughout the mid-aughts in spite of the bubble popping at the turn of the millennium. However, once the SJW movement got into full swing and Salon hopped aboard the crazy train, the stock plummet and so did the website’s value.

A classic case of get woke; go broke.

As outlined by Adland, though, the site courted a fringe audience on the far-Left, oftentimes referred to as the Regressive Left or Social Justice Warriors. Articles attacking men and heterosexuals became the norm, and articles advocating for transgender surgery – like the one published on May 22nd, 2016 – highlighted the intentions of the converged outlet. They received quite the pushback from the general public when they had a series of articles trying to justify the lifestyles of pedophiles starting back on July 1st, 2012.

It was also rather ironic that they quickly deleted their pedophile-justification article before attacking Conservative Milo Yiannopolous for his comments made about priests and young boys.

Salon was also one of the many outlets that regularly attacked #GamerGate by misrepresenting it as a harassment campaign.

Heck, Salon labeled William Shatner as part of the “Alt-Right” after he criticized SJWs on twitter.

The site had become so entrenched in the culture war with such wacky takes on life that a parody site called Medusa Magazine had to close up shop because nothing they produced came anywhere close to being as over-the-top as what the feminist rags were producing. That’s just how bad things got.

Well, according to, Salon’s stock is only worth cents to a dollar, only being valued at $0.030. They’re also apparently in hot water with the SEC for failing to file financial disclosures. The buyer still has to pay off a substantial sum before the deal is complete, totaling $3.85 million over the course of two years. We still don’t know who the buyer is at the moment and whether or not they will keep Salon as it is or revamp it, but one thing we do know: Salon got woke, went broke, and had to sell itself out to recoup what little it could before closing up shop.

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