Samurai Shodown’s Shiki Trailer Bares Thighs, Back, And Her Alluring Bodaciousness
Samurai Shodown Shiki

SNK Corporation rolled out the official trailer for the sexy kunoichi, Shiki. She’s still sporting the bob cut with a a light robe over a form-fitting spandex leotard that gives you a nice look at her ample boobage.

The 41 second trailer showcases her moves and her tight body, giving gamers a brief glimpses of her long, bare legs, and her tattooed back. She’s decked out in wedge sandal-heels and a pelvic flap that begs you peek underneath it so you can steal a look at her thong.

Unlike the artist at NetherRealm Studios who uglified all the chicks in Mortal Kombat 11 by giving them man-faces, stubbly legs, and wide waists, SNK wanted gamers to truly appreciate the beauty of their waifu-worthy women.

You can see Shiki in action with the trailer below, courtesy of Game Goons.

What’s really notable about the Shiki trailer is that SNK doesn’t have to loom over her sexy bits for people to recognize her sex appeal. Simply giving gamers a small taste of her visage begs for leering eyes. Yet they stay focused on showcasing her moves and abilities, even while her beauty could be distracting for some.

Her moves are still similar to what she had in the previous games, focusing on quick combos where she can get in and do some damage before creating space and attempting to lure opponents into a position where she can punish them. Her teleportation is also a key mechanic that will likely come in handy for gamers attempting to bait opponents into opening themselves up so they can get in close and dish out some fatal damage.

Samurai Shodown - Shiki

Samurai Shodown is definitely shaping up to be a pretty neat looking game thanks to the snazzy art-style, solid mechanics, and visually inviting character designs. It’s almost the complete opposite of Mortal Kombat 11.

You can look for Samurai Shodown to launch on PS4 and Xbox One this June, and later on in the year during the winter for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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