Sankaku Renai: Love Triangle Trouble Goes Live On Steam; R18+ Patch Available Off-Site
Sankaku Renai

NekoNyan’s Sankaku Renai: Love Triangle Trouble has officially launched on Steam as the all-ages edition. The developers at Asa Project took time to censor out any and all content that Valve may have found offensive, giving Steam gamers a clean and pristine gaming experience. However, if you want the full, uncensored edition, it’s just one website click away.

You can download the R18+ patch for Sankaku Renai: Love Triangle Trouble from over on the official NekoNyan shop page.

The patch is free to acquire so you don’t have to worry about paying for the naughty bits like some other studios. Additionally, the patch makes the game completely uncensored, so there are no mosaics, no black bars, no white bunnies, or cutaways. It’s 100% uncensored. It restores the hardcore sex scenes, the panty shots, and the adult-oriented dialogue sequences.

Sankaku Renai - Ice Cream

There is, however, one caveat to the patch and it’s that you will have to remove any info in the saved data folder before you install it. This means only fresh playthroughs are compatible with the R18+ version. Even still, it’s not a bad compromise given what you get.

As mentioned, though, the game is available right now for $29.99. As noted in a tweet by NekoNyanSoft, the visual novel will be discounted by 10% off during the first week of being on sale.

As for the visual novel itself, it’s about a boy named Sousuke who finds himself caught up in a love triangle after one of his sisters returns to his life after they were separated when he was young.

He finds himself caught between the strain of dealing with his stepsister Nanaru, his real sister Suzu, and his overbearing best friend Maho. He also ends up in a tryst with the eroge-loving Shiina. Technically it’s a four-way love affair, but who really keeps count of these things? And yes, there is incest aplenty in this one.

You can get your hands on the censored version of the game over on the Steam store or you can support the developers directly by purchasing a digital copy of Sankaku Renai from over on the NekoNyan shop page.

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