Sex Motel Launches Uncensored On Steam, But It Looks Like A Bait-And-Switch
Sex Motel Steam

Valve has some really strange and inconsistent curation policies. Innocuous ecchi visual novels that don’t contain explicit nudity or sexual content like Monster Mashing Deluxe get banned from Steam, but VR games where you get to fondle a physically reactive clitoris in virtual reality is completely fine…? Well, there’s actually some underhanded tactics that appear to have taken place to skirt the game by Valve’s “taste police”.

The VR title from redhubvr is available for the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift VR headsets for only $11.99 over on the Steam store. During the first week of release you can get the game at 20% off the usual price for only $9.59.

The store page description reads…

You’re hitting the road, riding towards an adventure, looking out for something fun to happen. The night is falling, you need to rest. Thankfully, there is a motel nearby.

“And guess what, you just got lucky! You’ll find out it’s a girls night in that place today! The party is open for a wanderer like you…


“And Your story is just beginning.


“You are a real lucky guy. You are the only man at the party and around the same horny and hot girls.


“Enjoy girls company. and visit them in their rooms. Maybe they’ll let you in and show you something special?…”

Enter Sex Motel.

Now if you visit the current store page the game is filled with uncensored lewd acts and 18+ content. You’ll need to be signed in to your Steam account and have the adult filters set so that you can see the store page. It opens with a hardcore NSFW trailer that you can view below. Again, it’s NSFW.

The real giveaway is over on the discussion board and user reviews, where some gamers were left scratching their heads after stating that it looked like the game was previously known as Trinity of Chaos and had nothing whatsoever to do with being a VR sex sim.

They’re absolutely 100% right.

It turns out that Sex Motel wasn’t known as Sex Motel before its release.

If you check the SteamDB entry you’ll note that the game was originally known as Trinity of Chaos leading up to its release on May 25th, 2019, at which point the developer’s name changed and so did the name of the game. After it made it onto the Steam store all of the adult tags were added and the safe for work tags were removed.

This came three months after the store page was originally given the green light on March 12th, 2019 by Valve’s curators, back when the game was known as Trinity of Chaos and the developer was going by the handle divineblackmsith.

There’s also an old cache of the game’s store page before it was officially released. The store page archive comes from May 22nd, 2019, just three days before the game’s release where it was still known as Trinity of Chaos. The game’s description is vastly different from what it is now. The old description stated…

“Experiecne created for relaxation. the player moves in the late twentieth century to a roadside motel. You can visit guest rooms or go to the reception using a teleport.


“The car park has old cars that you can watch.


“However, most recommend to sit at the campfire, get into the atmosphere of the past and reminisce about the old times.


“Society by the fire will keep us dancing women.”

The accompanying trailer also conveniently avoids all of the smut featured in the launch trailer that’s currently live on the store page. You can check out the safe for work version of Trinity of Chaos below.

This is one of those cases where it looks like the developer tried to pass their game off as some safe for work VR walking sim, but in actuality it was a hardcore sex sim.

These kind of underhanded tactics is what makes it difficult for developers to have their games featured on the Steam store if they contain R18+ content.

Since it’s only been a day since Sex Motel launched on Steam it’s hard to tell how long it will take Valve to notice that it’s not quite the same game that they were pitched by the devs (well, technically it is, it’s just that they left out all the hardcore sex parts when attempting to get approved for launching on Steam).

It would be interesting if redtubvr managed to pull a fast one on Valve, though. If they happen to be successful in keeping the game on Steam then I can easily imagine other developers trying to use similar tactics to weasel their adult-oriented games onto Steam as well. However, the developers of Rabbit Thief tried that and it didn’t turn out so well for them.

(Thanks for the news tip Nyn)


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