SJWs Get Absolutely Rectal Wrecked Over Alabama Public TV Banning Arthur’s Gay Wedding Episode

Arthur Butthurt

I know this isn’t gaming news and the whole censorship coverage has already been done, but I’m reeling in laughter at the sweet irony of Social Justice Warriors getting force-fed the schlong of censorship that they’ve been stuffing down our throats for the last five years. That’s right, Social Justice Warriors are choking hard on the suppression of art and everyone who warned the louses about the ever-increasing reach of censorship are left with little more than schadenfreude.

It started with the first episode of the 22nd season of PBS’ Arthur, in which one of the long time characters of the show, Mr. Ratburn, got married to another male in a gay wedding. Social Justice Warriors were howling and bellowing all across the internet in favor of the wedding along with the social media adorned trends that come along with such events.

It was, for them, an unequivocal victory for representation…

…Just until Alabama Public Television banned the episode from airing on TV in that region.

One state banning the episode from airing sent those same Social Justice Warriors from cheering to jeering within the span it takes Kanye West to say something stupid when given a microphone on a stage in a public place.

The news was spread across social media, causing it to trend… again.

On May 21st, 2019 Twitter was lit up with responses both from media and the Liberal denizens of the internet, angered that a single state would ban the episode. It even managed to land itself a “Twitter Moment”.

As is usual with this sort of news, blue checkmark journalists are rhee’ing up a storm like some sort of textual haka for the monastery of menstrual worshipers and seminarians of soylent.

Andi Zeisler, writer and editor from BitchMedia (yes, it’s real) criticized Alabama for blocking the episode while also blocking abortions.

It was like a double whammy of reality-shattering truth for a millennial brat used to getting whatever she wanted. Sorry to tell you this sweetheart but in reality sometimes the bitches get bitch slapped.

PJ Media also captured tweets from more butt-blasted blue checkmarks, including TV writer Jess Dweck, reporter Josh Moon, and CNN’s S.E. Cupp.

Writer MK White simply wanted to get rid of Alabama altogether, filling up a hyperbolic tweet with all sorts of polemics to convince people that “nothing positive” has come from Alabama, complete with an Oprah Winfrey gif.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news Mr. White, but it looks like the only way Alabama disappears for good is in the fiction you devise as headcanon.

There was also the typical TDS-sufferers throwing out all sorts of invective toward the Alabama Public Television administration for not airing the episode.

But it’s not just the Left-wing social media space making an issue of it, the media are dousing gasoline on the issue because a state dared not step lock-sync into the Social Justice lane of cultural conformity.

People Magazine reported that Arthur’s creator, Marc Brown, was one of the Liberal-minded activists angered about the censorship, telling the outlet…

“I’m really proud of that episode. And I will defend it to anybody who wants to talk about it. Why shouldn’t their teacher marry another man? We all know people who are gay, who are trans, and it’s something that is socially acceptable. Why is there this discomfort that it takes a leap into our national media?” he adds. “I don’t want children or people who are different to feel excluded. That’s not the kind of world we want to live in. And we want children to be educated so they can see there’s not just one type of family. Everyone should feel represented. I think we did that with Arthur.”

Well it ain’t getting done in Alabama, ace.

People Magazine wasn’t the only one running to the defense of a gay aardvark and rat, there was also CNN, gurgling up a halfhearted defense of the show by citing GLAAD president and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis, who told them…

“TV worlds often reflect our actual world and today that includes LGBTQ parents and families,”


“LGBTQ parents and their children deserve to see themselves reflected in media and if leadership of this public broadcasting station cannot serve the interests of the entire public, it’s time to find someone who can.”

Ellis seems more butthurt than James Charles pulling an all-nighter at the Three Sisters truck stop.

Former Kotaku writer, Allegra Frank, showed a great deal of restraint penning a piece for Vox, where she attempted to rationalize why kids should be exposed to same-sex marriage in a cartoon, writing…

“Arthur has always had a tendency not to shy away from content that reflects the world young viewers might see offscreen; the episode featuring Mr. Ratburn’s wedding was praised by many viewers not only for depicting same-sex marriage in the first place — a rare move for kids’ programming — but for celebrating the couple without much commentary. The show spent no time trying to explain or justify same-sex marriage to viewers; instead, it simply presented a normalized same-sex couple.”

Buzzfeed’s Lauren Strapagiel showed a lot more verve toward the subject matter, even going so far as to try to goad people into getting active to sign a petition and have Alabama’s flag changed, writing…

“The news has people fired up, especially with Alabama already in the spotlight for signing a bill into law that’s a near-ban on abortions in the state.


“There’s even a petition going with more than 3,000 signatures to change Alabama’s state flag to Mr. Ratburn’s wedding.


“GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, also called out the station in a statement. […]


“GLAAD is now encouraging LGBT people and allies to contact McKenzie directly. […]”

Mm, mm, mm… I love the smell of deep-fried butthurt in the morning.

I could write all day about angry Social Justice Warriors incensed and distraught over the idea that they can’t see two gay animals get married in a kid’s cartoon. However, there are obviously other stories that need tending to.

Nevertheless, this is a prime showcase of how censorship doesn’t care who you are or what you are, it will eventually hit something you love. Censorship knows no bounds, no limits, nor restrictions, and it’s just a matter of time that when it’s encouraged and promoted as a viable solution to spite ideological opponents, it will eventually capture in its net something that you value. Always.

In this case we’re seeing that the gay agenda that the Social Justice Warriors have been fighting for with incessant ebullience has hit a roadblock in a single state, and now they’re flailing their arms about and wailing in shrill voices their discontent and anguish over the censorship.

Everyone who actually valued freedom of speech – something lost to many Liberals who adopt the Regressive Left’s sociopolitical views – knew that escalation was always on the cards. It was never not on the cards.

This is why the Regressive Left are gaining no friends nor allies from Conservatives, Republicans, otakus, weebs, gamers or many anti-SJWs because when they came for the lolicons, the visual novels, and the anime tiddies not one SJW with a media platform decided to speak up on behalf of the 1,000 year old flat-chested demon getting censored, or the uncontrollable wobble of those big jiggly boobs getting banned. And now that they’ve come for the gay rats, plenty of anti-SJWs are sitting by with a gleeful grin spread across their face, whispering between bellowing laughs… “We told you so”.

This doesn’t mean that we’re pro-censorship, it just means we don’t have any compulsion to shed tears.

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