SJWs Outraged Over Brigitte’s Riot Skin In Overwatch
SJW Outrage Briggette Overwatch

Almost every single week there’s some major outrage being broadcast by the peddlers of propaganda operating out of their social media pantechnicon. This time they crawled out of their dank corners like dastardly rats thieving for cheese during the middle of the night, all to take aim at Brigitte’s riot gear skin in Overwatch.

The new update for Overwatch brought a number of new outfits to the character roster, some of which included a schoolgirl outfit for D.Va that had some SJWs complaining about the character being sexualized, and the riot gear for Brigitte that saw the shield maiden decked out in high-tech police armor. On Twitter there were the typical Social Justice types claiming that the riot gear betrayed her character and glorified “upsetting” ideas.

The outrage wasn’t just circulated through the oscillating barrel of the outrage culture cannon like a parabellum being fired out of a barrel at the speed of being triggered. There were also the typical Social Justice instigators in the media also diving into the fray and pushing back against the pursuit of common sense like a ballistic shield pushing back protestors. did a quick article covering the article from Waypoint – which is now corralled under the website – and how they tried to foment the fires of fury with their piece titled “Stop Turning Overwatch Characters Into Cops”.

The article stokes condemnation of police and police training, with the Vice author writing…

“If you haven’t been following American politics, these past few years have been a time of reckoning with the ongoing militarization of police forces throughout the country and the way that communities of color bear the brunt of this violence. According to website Mapping Police Violence, which tracks police violence by time, location, and available data, 1164 people were killed by police in 2018, following 1147 police killings in 2017. About one percent of those killings led to a police officer being convicted of a crime, even while reports argue that the vast majority of these killings could have been de-escalated by properly trained officers. The average time spent on de-escalation tactics by police recruits, however, is only about a seventh as much time spent on firearms training.”

This anti-cop sentiments pushed by a lot of media outlets has led to plenty of people becoming completely disengaged from the conversation, or showing more support for police without, or becoming more hostile toward police, or ignoring the issues altogether. Whatever intent they have that doesn’t involve stirring more division and racial tensions is completely lost in the vortex of snootiness and sociopolitical impositions.

Anyway, the outrage for Overwatch isn’t quite as high or as caustic as it used to be. With Blizzard banning and censoring and locking down the community over every little infraction taking place in the game and out of it, I’m shocked there was even enough of the community left to muster up a half-hearted ejaculation of outrage over Brigitte’s riot cop skin.

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