Soul Calibur VI Character Customization Lets You Make Nude Fighters Without Mods
SoulCalibur VI

If you’re stuck playing Soul Calibur VI on the PS4 or Xbox One, and you lack the funds or a decent enough PC to play the game on Steam and install the nude mods, there’s still a way for you to see some nice, tight boobies without having to modify any of the game’s code.

Some users have been experimenting with objects, using them to create mostly nude characters on the home console version of Bandai Namco’s fighting game.

Using the character creation tool kit you can make a female character appear topless by first adding two balls, one to the left and one to the right of the character’s chest. You’ll need the DLC 3 character creation parts to use the balls. You can click through the image below to see the uncensored, NSFW version of the creation.

For the ball on the left side of the chest you need to position, angle, and scale it at: -8,-3.-10,-12,16, -14,127,14

For the ball on the right side of the chest you need to position, angle , and scale it at: 7,-3,-10,-15,16,-21,-129,163

If you did it right they should be positioned to look like to boobs. You’ll need to make sure they share the same color as the skin tone of the character, and then add the Helmet Ornament: Flames. You’ll need to position it at the following coordinates: 8,-8,33,-50,50,-50,-10,-15,14

If you did it correctly and hide the flames on the ornament, it will appear as if the female character has protruding nipples, as depicted in the image above.

Alternatively, you can use stickers to achieve a similar effect.

Barring that method, other YouTubers like Beeda came up with a simple method to make nude characters as well.

It’s an old method, but basically you select a female Shapeshifter from the character creation menu and you simply add a Pure Ring in between her pelvic region to give the appearance of genitalia.

Then add a small horn to her hips and shrink it to be just above the pure ring, and it will create the appearance of a clitoris.

Too much creativity is never a bad thing.

If you own the console version of the game you can make use of these features right now. Alternatively, if you’re playing on PC, simply grab the Soul Calibur VI nude mods and call it a day.

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