Studio FOW Hosts Public Talent Casting For Subverse Voice Actors

Is your voice so heavenly that when you moan the angels spite your name with curses? Do you have the kind of melodious inflection to soothe the hearts of stone men? Or perhaps you have a chipper whisper the likes of which can send goose bumps down the arms of men and spread blushes across the face of women? Well, perhaps your calling is to become a voice actor or actress in a naughty RPG for adults called Subverse.

Back on May 20th, 2019 Studio FOW put out a public casting call for their upcoming game Subverse, which was crowdfunded on Kickstarter this past spring to the tune of £1,668,626.

The tweet leads to a Google document where there have six female and eight male characters they’re looking to cast.

You’ll need to contact the developers with your age, nationality, a demo reel, a portfolio (if you have one), and your audio recording equipment. You obviously have to be over the age of 18 for consideration.

They’re looking for people with some kind of experience in dealing with adult content, but it’s not required. The project is obviously paid, and you’ll have up until July 28th, 2019 to send in your details.

The character list for the females include Taron Krask, a horny catgirl; FOWChan, Studio FOW’s mascot; The Huntress, a squidgirl; the corrupt General; Empress Celestina, and her mother Lady Kasidora.

The other female characters already have their voices, so it’s just the extra stretch goal girls that they need to get voiced for the game.

If you think you have the vocal chops to get it done and do boner culture proud, you can be sure to check out the details for the roles and see if you would be a good fit by dropping by the Google Docs page.

Subverse is currently in development with an Early Access run planned to take place during the early summer. For more info you can check out the game’s Steam store page.

(Thanks for the news tip Megun Tenshin)


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