Subverse Won’t Contain Any Super Extreme Fetishes Or Darker Sexual Themes, Says Studio FOW

Studio F.O.W’s upcoming Subverse managed to complete its Kickstarter campaign with a whoop-worthy £1,668,626 in crowdfunding. Even with Kickstarter’s 5% cut they still walk away with more than £1.5 million in their pockets. The success of the low-key Kickstarter that received no help or promotion from the media, shows that there’s a startling and thirsty audience for adult-oriented gaming, despite anti-gaming media outlets constantly decrying the depiction of sexy women, scantily clad attire for fictional characters, or tantalizing fan-service. Well, while Studio F.O.W’s upcoming game will definitely be steeped in all sorts of delightful perversions, the extreme stuff that they became infamous for (and managed to get them banned from Patreon) won’t be making the cut.

Sankaku Complex highlighted some choice quotes from an interview that Studio F.O.W., had with PC Gamer recently after the Kickstarter concluded and the team begins to hunker down to complete the core design and implement the systems and sexy-time. One of those quotes involve the developers acknowledging that they won’t be adding any “super extreme” sexual fetishes to the game nor any of the darker sexual themes that they included in many of their previous works. They stated…

“We want to avoid the super extreme fetishes and darker themes, as they don’t mesh with our creative vision for Subverse. It’s a very satirical and lighthearted game so we have to maintain that tone with the sex as well.” DC is pretty confident the game’s audience is “around 90% men and 10% women, based on prior statistics from our website, analytics and surveys.”

So you might be wondering what sort of “extreme fetishes” and “darker themes” they’re talking about? Well, if you’re not familiar with Studio F.O.W., the best way to simplify some of those “darker themes” would say that most times they feature hot chicks from popular video games getting railed by giant monsters with slimy schlongs that looked like they were eternally cooked in an alternate dimension where the Auschwitz ovens never stopped burning.

But it doesn’t end there… some of their movies also include popular characters forced to scarf down animal genitalia like they were suckling on a dripping wet Popsicle during a moist summer day.

In simple terms, it gets pretty darn degenerate.

However, Studio F.O.W., won’t be exploring those themes in Subverse. You could basically consider it to be milquetoast sexcapades or vanilla porn.

This is likely to do with the fact that they didn’t want their Kickstarter brought down by SJWs or Antifa, and they also wanted to avoid having groups like ResetEra get their game banned from Steam like what happened with Rape Day.

For now they’re focused on fleshing out the actual gameplay elements and the smoking hot waifus in the game. Speaking of which, they also mentioned that you will be able to play as the waifus in the SHMUP and tactical turn-based portions of the game, saying…

“Your waifus can be used in both Shmup and tactical portions of the game. Their overall level determines their combat effectiveness in both portions, and it also determines how loyal they are to your cause. It’s all tied together rather nicely, and the great thing about our game is that when you level up you not only get some standard RPG stat increases but also a talent point to spend on a love scene of your choice. The stats also don’t get too complex, there’s just enough under the hood to keep things ticking along nicely without bogging the player down.”

They also mention that the actual turn-based segments won’t be too obtrusive to the overall pace of the game. You won’t be spending half an hour tactically planning out your movements and strategies; they wanted to avoid being an XCOM mimic. Instead, the turn-based segments will be short, spanning anywhere between three and five minutes.

Sounds like it’s really gunning for being the perfect mix of sexy-time and fun-time. No complaints here.

You can learn more about Subverse by visiting the Steam store page, where it’s expected to launch uncensored into Early Access this summer.

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