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SumOfUs Tries To Pressure Mastercard Shareholders To De-Platform “Hate Groups”

Payment processors have been de-platforming people for wrongthink recently and it’s only been escalating in recent months. A lot of this pressure is coming from activist groups on the Left shouting in the ears of big tech to not only censor and ban people who express views they don’t like, but also financially cripple them by shutting off their access to credit cards. One of those groups is called SumOfUs and they’re pitching to Mastercard shareholders the idea that they need to start cutting off the finances of people they label as “hate groups”, which is really anyone who disagrees with the SJW agenda.

Buzzfeed did a report on SumOfUs’ new campaign to shut down payment for “Far Right” and “hate groups” that they don’t want funded through payment services such as Mastercard. The group decided to bypass lobbying through petitions or social media backing. They’re now going directly to the board in order to address shareholders.

SumOfUs’ Eoin Dubsky told Buzzfeed…

“Spreading hate involves spending money. Whether it’s paying for online advertising or organising violent rallies, white supremacist groups need financial services from companies like Mastercard.”

The article states that the group is targeting Mastercard’s executives using a committee proposal to reach shareholders ahead of their annual company meeting in June.

Buzzfeed linked to the proposal located over on, which attempts to convince the board to create a human rights committee to oversee who is allowed to make use of Mastercard’s services. Part of the proposal reads…

“Companies can face risks related to human rights even when they only perform support functions. Internet infrastructure companies like web host GoDaddy, social media platform Facebook and payments firm PayPal have come under pressure for doing business with or providing a forum for neo-Nazis and other hate groups. Mastercard has received negative publicity for processing of payments to white supremacist groups.”

Thankfully, the board members may be greedy but they aren’t stupid.

The board committee offered a rebuttal, stating that they are advising shareholders to vote against SumOfUs’ proposal to develop a human rights committee to oversee card services. In the rebuttal the committee wrote…

“The Proposal focuses on the use of our products by certain organizations. We operate our network on the principle that consumers should be able to make all lawful purchases, and our franchise rules ensure compliance with the laws pertaining to the acceptable use of our payment processing services by merchants, acquirers and issuers. We regularly monitor activities involving our products and services for any alleged illegal use. When we process payment transactions, we do not have visibility into goods that are purchased or the use of those goods. When we are made aware of illegal activity or rules violations, we work closely with law enforcement and acquirers to shut down those activities.


“Accordingly, because Mastercard has a committee with oversight over issues of corporate social responsibility and has disclosed its commitment to and oversight of human rights issues, the Board does not believe that establishing a separate human rights committee is necessary to properly exercise its oversight of this important area, nor does it add to Mastercard’s existing commitment to social responsibility and human rights. Therefore, our Board recommends that our stockholders vote AGAINST this joint proposal.”

Now while the board has informed shareholders to vote against the proposal, we won’t know if this goes through or not until shareholders actually vote on the proposal in June.

SumOfUs wants to use the power of payment processing to shut down all of the ideological opponents to the Regressive Left, including people like Tommy Robinson and Sargon of Akkad. The idea is to de-platform their opponents in the same way that Patreon de-platformed Sargon of Akkad, Milo Yiannopoulos, and others who hold views opposing the Regressive Left’s degenerate policies.

This isn’t even the first time that SumOfUs have attempted to get people de-platformed. As reported by Sp!ked back in November of 2018, SumOfUs was still championing for platforms such as PayPal and Patreon to remove people from their services that they deemed “problematic”.

SumOfUs formed a petition to get PayPal to freeze Tommy Robinson’s account in a bid to financially cripple the outspoken activist.

It worked.

Executive director Hannah Lownsbrough wrote a piece for The Guardian celebrating Robinson’s de-platforming from PayPal, stating…

“For SumOfUs members, convincing PayPal to back away from its support of Robinson represents a great success. It’s proof that people power can take on huge corporations and win. It would be even better if the need for public pressure was eliminated altogether, for these companies to recognise the role they can and must play in pushing back the rise of the far right.”

SumOfUs is just one of many Left-wing pressure groups looking to stifle speech and financially ruin anyone who steps out of line. While various Right-wing people have been chased out of banks for their political views, one of the other larger problems is the FDIC still pulling strings behind the scenes to surcease payments for legitimate businesses using the “Operation Choke Point” initiative that was supposed to be decommissioned years ago.

So if payment processors aren’t being pressured by one group they’re being leaned on by another.

However, it looks like Mastercard’s shareholders will determine the future of who may or may not have their credit zapped out of existence for saying something mean to an SJW on Twitter when they vote on the proposal this June.

(Thanks for the news tip EvaUnit02)