The Last Girl: Janna’s Diary Of Shame Launches On Fakku After Being Banned From Steam

The Last Girl

Fakku! appears to be on a tear lately, picking up a lot of the rejected games from Steam like a lonely weeb who managed to grab the little black book of an alpha male who decided to renounce his old ways to become a Mormon. The adult-oriented digital distribution network announced that they’ve managed to acquire Banana King’s The Last Girl: Janna’s Diary of Shame months after it was permanently banned from appearing on Steam.

The visual novel survival game was way too spicy for the likes of Valve’s taste police, netting it a swift ban and an abrupt trip to the Waifu Holocaust 2.0 banned list.

When you read the description for the game it’s not hard to see why Valve’s Taste Police were as triggered as they were. On the Fakku!, store page it reads…

“The doom has come, you have to face the dark sides of humanity survive . Finding materials and foods, is the key to win this game, besides that, you can also build up the defense and recruit new partners to make you easier to win this game. […]


“This game involved plots that rarely seen in adult games industry like main character got abused and raped. Besides, there are plots that involved bondage, lesbian, raping, assaulting and murdering. What are you waiting for? Purchase to experience something new!”

While Valve may have stated that only “illegal” and “straight up trolling” games would be banned from Steam, apparently there are still some subjects that are too taboo for the Redwood, Washington folks to entertain, and bondage rape is one of them. This should come as no surprise given that Valve had no qualms about pulling the plug on Rape Day after getting a little bit of media pressure cooked up from SJW media outlets and British politicians.

In this case, we never received any official word about why The Last Girl met its demise on Steam, but based on the previous games that have been banned I’m guessing it was the rape themes that did it in.

Thankfully, we have digital distributors like Fakku!, who really don’t care or give a flying crap about that kind of content and will sate the consumer’s desire for whatever kind of depravity skirts across their ever expanding whims.

So if you want to get your hands on The Last Girl: Janna’s Diary of Shame, you can do so right now by heading on over to the NSFW Fakku! Store page where the game is available for $7.99.

(Thanks for the news tip msoltyspl)

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