Top Hat Studios Reveals Mascots For Adult Gaming Store Hat Rack
Hat Rack Mascots

Top Hat Studios was one of the many outfits burned by Valve during the Waifu Holocaust 2.0. Valve’s inconsistent and oftentimes contradictory policies regarding Adults Only content (or in same cases, indie anime games made by Japanese, Chinese, and South Korean developers) has created a lot of frustrations for visual novel makers and publishers. Top Hat, however, was not content with sitting by idly while their games went unsold. The game studio decided to get proactive and make their own adult gaming store called the Hat Rack, and recently they introduced the two mascots for the new store.

The two characters were revealed via a tweet that was published on May 8th, 2019. You can check out the tweet and the characters below.

Hat Rack Mascots Full

The mascots will represent Top Hat’s upcoming storefront, which is scheduled to go live later this year during the third quarter.

They began developing an alternative store to Steam after their game Cross Love – Episode 1 was banned from Valve’s storefront.

They’re still planning on releasing games on the Steam store, only they plan on releasing the censored versions to avoid getting hit with the ban hammer.

The Hat Rack will also feature third-party games on the storefront, so hopefully many of the games that were unfairly banned will be given an opportunity to shine on Top Hat’s store, giving gamers additional options and opportunities to buy the titles.

With the first look at the mascots for the Hat Rack we can see that they’re serious about the development of an alternative storefront that will compete with Steam when it comes to offering adult games. You can keep track of developments for the upcoming storefront by visiting the Top Hat Studios website.

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