Watchmen’s HBO Trailer Features A Rorschach Cult, Vigilantes, And Cop Killers
Watchmen HBO

I’m not really sure what’s going on in the upcoming Watchmen HBO series due out this fall, because the minute long teaser trailer for the show kind of throws a lot of vague and context-opaque imagery at viewers, leaving you to do little more than guess at what’s going down.

Don Johnson is featured as the face of the trailer, even though the IMDB synopsis claims that Regina King is the lead of the show. King plays Angela Abar, and I’m guessing she’s married and apparently has a daughter named Emma Abar. However – and this is kind of weird – Emma is played by a white actress. I’m not entirely sure what to make of that, but she could be adopted.

Johnson, however, appears to be the captain of the police, and his yellow-mask wearing subordinates have apparently been getting killed following the original events of the Watchmen graphic novel.

You can check out the trailer below to see how it all plays out.

Now there are a few things to take note of. First of all, Johnson’s spiel about the cops being hunted down and killed is juxtaposed with imagery of the Rorschach cult seemingly acting out violent acts of vigilantism.

The thing is, we don’t actually know if the cult is the one responsible for killing the cops, or if that’s just how the trailer has been cut together to give the impression of them being killers. It’s hard to tell.

I definitely noticed that the cops wearing the yellow masks are portrayed by a variety of different races, whereas the Rorschach cult is portrayed only by whites in masks. Even more than that, they depict them in a church with the American flag and rural/suburban clothing, thus seemingly depicting them as white Conservatives.

Watchmen HBO - Tick Tock Cops

Now this could be misdirection by the marketers. The trailer is very specifically cut together to leave out a ton of context and information, and we have no idea who is who. For all we know the yellow-masked cops could be the villains, and the Conservatively-portrayed cult could be acting out their vigilantism as a means of corrective justice.

Alternatively, they could be portraying the Rorschach cult as crazy Right-wingers – almost like armed militiamen following behind the ramblings of Rorschach in the same way that the media portrays those who watch InfoWars as crazy Alt-Right conspiracy theorists.

There’s practically no useful info on the show right now, and having Regina King in the starring role as presumably the lead hero sets off all kinds of red flags, especially if the Rorschach cult is supposed to be some kind of racist, domestic terrorist group. Given that it’s HBO it could really go either way, but almost all major media these days has been subverted by the SJW agenda, so don’t hold out hope that it will be anything other than Left-wing agitprop.

Although, as usual, hopefully I’m proven wrong… but I doubt it.


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