Weekly Recap May 11th: Bill Targets Loot Boxes, Burger King Is Woke, Kotaku Advocates Censorship
Weekly Recap

In the Age of the Clown a lot of times it feels like the weeks blend together like broccoli and asparagus smoothies and pea-green diarrhea. You can’t tell the difference anymore because it’s all the same crap. In this case, it was a week filled with more censorship, self-censorship, and censorship advocacy.

Kotaku was the one advocating for the censorship of the visual novel Our World is Ended. Square Enix was the one who engaged in self-censorship by proclaiming they would no longer add any new loli characters to Final Fantasy XIV, and Valve has continued to ban games from Steam. Oh, and YouTube completely demonetized Sargon of Akkad. The only good thing that took place this week was a Senator introducing a bill to ban loot boxes in games made for those under the age of 18. However, there’s still the possibility of pork and misuse, so we’ll have to see. These stories and more in this May 11th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Burger King Gets Woke, Burger-Eaters Hope They Go Broke

It’s a tired, repetitive story at this point, where some big corporation decides to dabble in Left-wing agitprop and gets burned for it. Well, Burger King’s wasn’t as bad as Gillette, but it was bad enough that a bunch of people called them out for their attempts to get woke, grilling them real good. An upcoming 18+ game called Wild Life will give gamers an opportunity to indulge in some hardcore gaming done right, and is basically like Conan Exiles with an extra lathering of sex appeal. A black metal band came under fire from Antifa and SJWs getting their concerts cancelled, so they fired back by filing a lawsuit against the SJWs. NetherRealm got called out for a sexist, toxic corporate culture, so now they say they’re going to investigate themselves to ensure that their wokeness in Mortal Kombat 11 wasn’t just to cover for their own misdeeds. And there’s an editorial discussing the possible ways that the Intellivision Amico can succeed in today’s market.


Wikipedia Censors Denuvo While Sony Censors Akiba Trip Cover Image

Two big loads of duty-dumping censorship stories took the gaming community by storm when Wikipedia purposefully went out of its way to sabotage the entry for Denuvo, removing the columns that revealed which games have been cracked and which games haven’t. Gamers saw it as an act of censorship. Just the same, Sony sent a notification of TOS violation for having a profile cover image of Akiba’s Trip, which they promptly deleted and warned him not to do it again. On the up and up, Vice has revealed that they have folded Waypoint, Broadly, and Tonic into the main Vice website, with some layoffs taking place. Waypoint was so triggered that they told their audience not to discuss who was potentially laid off. The former voice of Claptrap, David Eddings, revealed that the reason he didn’t return to voice the lovably annoying character in Borderlands 3 was due to a pay dispute with Gearbox Software – ultimately Pitchford didn’t want to pay Eddings for doing the voice of Claptrap. And Bruce Campbell has killed off rumors that he will be playing Ash from Evil Dead as a DLC guest character in Mortal Kombat 11.


Kotaku Tries To Get PQube To Censor Our World Is Ended

Kotaku editor Mike Fahey attempted to pressure PQube, Nintendo, and Sony into censoring Our World Is Ended for PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, showcasing that SJWs really do want to take away our games. Linux gamers are rallying together to rail on Epic Games after they purchased Kamu, the makers of Easy Anti-Cheat. Why the anger? Because Epic pulled support for Easy Anti-Cheat from Linux, meaning that Linux is now a safe haven for cheaters. This also had the (potentially intended) consequence of halting Valve’s Proton initiative to get non-native Linux games to run on Linux for SteamOS. Rumors have floated around that Epic Games may want to secure Halo: The Master Chief Collection as an exclusive, however it’s hard to tell if this is true or not because Microsoft did respond to the inquiry but didn’t shoot down the rumor, instead they said that they were “listening”. Bandai Namco will host a network test for Code Vein. And another company decided to get woke… a German grocery store called EDEKA of all places.

Senator Proposes Bill To Kill Loot Boxes In Games Made For Kids Under 18

A Republican Senator has introduced a bill that would effectively kill off loot boxes in games designed for kids under the age of 18, as well as disburse of any kind of pay-to-win microtransactions. And speaking of politics… ahead of the 2020 elections Instagram will be “fact checking” memes to suppress and stifle the rise of any memes that they deep “fake news”. Ultra Ultra, the makers of the unique sci-fi game ECHO have unfortunately bit the dust. On the upside at least their game is still available for download and the movie based on the game is still in the works. Matt Loter, the man from Elm City Games who physically assaulted Jeremy Hambly at GenCon 2018, was forced to apologize on camera in front of the whole world. And Valve banned more games from Steam, including Yotsunoha, Runa’s Date and several other games. Oh, and Nintendo uses your Facebook data to spread it around to advertisers.


YouTube Completely Demonetizes Sargon Of Akkad

YouTube has finally pulled the trigger on completely demonetizing Sargon of Akkad’s YouTube channel. Square Enix has decided that there will be no new loli races in Final Fantasy XIV, stating that they’re doing so for ethical reasons. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Mary Skelter 2 is releasing uncensored on the Nintendo Switch in the West. And speaking of releases, Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will be an Epic Games Store and Uplay exclusive on PC. The developers of Rolled Out! kicked off a 3D artist from the team because she misgendered a non-binary rat… I’m not even kidding. Facebook restored the 250k strong fan page of Bounding Into Comics, but they didn’t say why. On the subject of censorship… The Good Fight had a segment censored by CBS because it contained banned imagery in China, and so to avoid getting banned in China they censored a segment that criticized China on censorship. And on the the subject of China… Tencent completely overhauled PUBG Mobile and turned it into Game of Peace, which is a Chinese military recruitment game based on the PUBG Mobile design. Oh, and finally a female MP from the Scottish National Party criticized a meme from Zombie Land Saga because it was used by SonicFox while he was waging jihad against TERFs, as reported by Sankaku Complex. Truly, this is the Age of the Clown.


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