Weekly Recap May 18th: A Hat In Time Trans Rights Firestorm, Sony And Microsoft Team Up
Weekly Recap

Censorship wasn’t quite as rampant this week as it has been in past weeks. Instead we saw a lot of groundwork for potential future censorship being laid by globalist technocrats and politicians. Although on the flip-side of the conversation we saw D3 Publisher giving Sony a creative middle-finger while also complying with their censorship policies, and both Sony and Microsoft teaming up for AI and streaming purposes.

The most controversial news topic this week was probably Gears For Breakfast’s little Easter Egg stunt backfiring and creating an explosive warzone in the forums. Not only that but the censorship and hot button topic managed to spill out over into social media where the battle continued between normal people and SJWs. Suffice to say there was a lot of red-whipped bottoms at the end of that fray. These stories and so much more in this May 18th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Funimation Sued By Patent Troll

A patent troll known for kicking the arses of big tech companies using an age-old streaming patent has targeted Funimation over their FunimationNow streaming app, and they’re looking to knock the company down a peg. Germany drafted a proposal to go after microtransactions in mobile games aimed at kids, as well as how microtransactions are advertised in mobile games. Azur Lane: Crosswave is coming to America on the PS4, but worries are already swelling over the game possibly being censored. We’ve got a short list of games that are due for release throughout the month of May. The PS4 exclusive Medievil is set to launch on October 25th later this year. And the Epic Games Store acquired yet another crowdfunded title, this time Mobius Digital’s Outer Wilds, and gamers are not at all pleased with this turn of events and have begun requesting refunds.


A Hat In Time Community Implodes Over Trans Rights Flag

Marvelous Entertainment Inc., in Japan is not having a good time of it. The company had to lower forecasts and censor an unannounced game, leaving fans distraught and disappointed. PBS Kids’ Arthur decided to dabble in woke politics, depicting a gay marriage between Arthur’s teacher Mr. Ratburn and his gay lover. Valve is still banning all-ages visual novels, including Lovelyday of Girlfriends and Me, which was prepping for release in China. Days Gone has turned out to be a huge sales success, even in Japan. Meanwhile, even though NetherRealm Studios de-sexualized all the females, they ramped up the gore and now the developers are suffering from PTSD. Russ Pitts has permanently resigned from The Escapist, and A Hat In Time got woke with the trans rights flag, leading to the forums catching fire with drama and chaos.


D3 Publisher Gives Sony And The PS4 The Middle-Finger With Labyrinth Life

D3 Publisher was one of the many developers negatively impacted by Sony’s censorship policies. They decided to get back at Sony with Labyrinth Life, which is a truncated, highly censored version of Omega Labyrinth Life, the later of which is coming out on the Nintendo Switch with all the booby-action intact and jiggle physics in place while the PS4 version is censored and gimped. Square Enix slyly closed down Studio Istolia and cancelled Project Prelude Rune. The Swedish consumer agency is investigating loot boxes and casino style microtransactions in games. And A Hat In Time developers decided to protect their wokeness by censoring and banning people criticizing the inclusion of the trans rights flag in the game. Rage 2 has seen an immediate price drop directly after launching on home consoles and PC.


Philippine ISPs ban Hentai Sites, 8chan

First they came for the imageboards and then they came for everything else. ISPs in the Philippines are cracking down on any site deemed “harmful”, which includes the chans and strangely e-hentai.org. The Epic Games Store has launched in mainland China, while mainland China has banned games from depicting blood and using the word “kill”. Mikandi Japan had their Kickstarter flagged and suspended after it was mass reported by who many think are SJW brigaders. Dynamite Entertainment has proceeded to turn the Bettie Page comic into Muslim propaganda after they had her dressing up in a hijab while visiting… Scotland. Bethesda actually removed the Denuvo DRM from Rage 2, which is a good thing. Some SJWs got triggered over the Avengers: Endgame – De-Feminized edition, and GOG.com denied the release of Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls because it didn’t meet the store requirements.

Sony And Microsoft Partner Up

Microsoft and Sony have managed to team up together and have partnered for developing AI technology. Microsoft will be getting their hands on Sony’s semiconductors while Sony will be getting their hands on Microsoft’s Azure cloud servers. The CW’s Batwoman trailer dropped and it’s an absolute out and out cringe-fest. The Paladins skin contest decided to preclude an entrant because a year prior he drew a character for the game as an evil Nazi. And speaking of Nazis, AnimeNYC has prohibited cosplayers from showing up in “Nazi-like” costumes or paraphernalia, this even includes non-Nazi properties like Tanya the Evil. SJW media outlets went after Trump for not abandoning free speech. Arc System Works revealed Kill La Kill: IF won’t be censored across regional releases. And after lots of delays and plenty of setbacks, The Key To Home has finally launched on Fakku!.


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