Weekly Recap May 25th: China Social Credit Unpersons 13 Million, Xbox To Remove “Toxicity”
Weekly Recap May 25th 2019 - Soph Censored

SJWs are still raging about the Arthur episode being banned in Arkansas and Alabama. They managed to get a small taste of what gamers have been suffering from the last half-decade where countless games have been censored and banned at the behest of feminists, politicians, and the very Social Justice Warriors that are now complaining about the Arthur episode getting nixed. To make matters worse, many of these same SJWs kicking a conniption still vow to censor the games, anime, and comic books that gamers hold oh-so-dear. It’s like warning someone that poking a hornet’s nest is bad for you and they keep poking it to spite their foes until one day the hornet pokes back.

Anyway, China proudly boasted that they’ve un-personed 13.49 million people, preventing them from accessing public services. The purpose of doing so is to punish people with low social credit until they go bankrupt. And no, the system is not designed for reform but purposefully designed to create destitution as a fear mechanism to prevent other people from allowing their social credit to drop too low.

Buzzfeed also decided to target 14-year-old YouTuber in an attempt to get her de-platformed from YouTube for criticizing Islam. This resulted in her channel getting demonetized and police investigating her.

And finally, Microsoft is using the Xbox brand to fight against “toxicity” and “hate speech” in gaming via their ambassadors program known as “Defenders of Joy”. It sounds like something out of 1984. New moderation tools are also going to be employed to restrict language and topics that Microsoft doesn’t want you discussing on the Xbox.

Anyway, you’ll find these lovely stories and more in this May 25th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.

China’s Social Credit System Will Rape Your Rights Without Remorse

13.49 million people got un-personed via China’s social credit system, disabling them from accessing trains and planes, and essentially bankrupting some people as punishment for not staying in harmony with China’s “socialist values”. And speaking of stepping out of harmony with socialist values… 14-year-old YouTuber Soph has been rail-roaded by SJWs, specifically places like Buzzfeed who got triggered over her video exposing the Caliphate for being a carcinogenic strain whittling away the constitution of the West’s cultural fibers. They went out of their way to censor her YouTube channel and have the police investigate the teenager. Not be outdone by Buzzfeed, the reporters at Vice decided to break into the home of Jim Watkins, the owner of 8chan, and things apparently didn’t turn out so well for the agitators. Microsoft also got hit with a double-dose of wokeritis, first having music in Forza Horizon 4 censored, and then opening up an initiative called Gaming For Everyone that focuses on promoting bringing more LGBTQIA communities into the industry. And Burger King got even more woke when they decided to like a tweet comparing them to Antifa. They also offered milkshakes at U.K., rallies where the milkshakes were being used for political violence against Tommy Robinson and Carl Benjamin.


Microsoft Goes Full SJW To Stop Hate Speech, Misogyny

Microsoft has a new set of moderation policies in the works to turn the Xbox ecosystem into a “safe space”. No joke, they are aiming to stop “hate speech”, “misogyny”, and “bigotry”, and this initiative is being headed up by Xbox head Phil Spencer. Alabama Public Television decided to ban the gay wedding episode of Arthur from airing, and SJWs are losing their mind over it. SJWs meanwhile managed to get the Unplanned movie banned from playing in Canadian theaters. Valve says they won’t be removing positive review bombs of games, but they don’t really give a reason why. Speaking of Valve and Steam… another game was banned from Steam called Date Night. Canada has started a new initiative called the Digital Charter aimed at removing “hate speech” and “violent extremism”. They also plan on incurring financial costs to platforms.


SJWs Anus Annihilated After Arthur’s Gay Wedding Episode Gets Banned

Social Justice Warriors have become completely devastated at the idea that their gay agenda got banned from Alabama Public Television, and now they’re raging impotently into the digital ether at anyone not aiding them in their fight against censorship. Nintendo is pulling some mobile games from the Nintendo eShop in Belgium due to having loot boxes. Despite being laced with propaganda, Mortal Kombat 11 still managed to top the NPD charts in April, but we’ll see how well it fares in May when the next set of figures drop. And circling back around to the Arthur stuff… Arkansas also banned the gay rat wedding from airing. And the Huffington Post actually had a game censored because you killed a journalist in one mission.


Epic Games Sent User Info To Wrong Person

In a bid to have all of their information sent to them under the new GDPR rules, a user requested all of their Epic Games Store info, but Epic sent it to the wrong person. The remake of YU-NO will be censored in the West for the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. The Steam version will be uncensored along with the Switch version in Japan. Mario Kart Tour has some rather nasty loot box fixtures in the mobile title, leading a lot of people to complain about the microtransactions. A Eurogamer writer decided to target TheQuartering’s YouTube channel by attempting to rally people in order to have the channel shut down with false strikes. Don’t you dare say #Homocaust on Twitter, otherwise you’ll be suspended or banned. Meanwhile more censorship has hit Sword Art Online, this time it’s for the upcoming Alicization Lycoris.


Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris Will Be Censored

EA and Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends has been financially trailing off for some time now, but it’s hit an all new low for a second month in a row. The Ouya is now on its death throes as Nvidia is sunsetting the little Android device this year. Buying too many games on the Epic Games Store? Well, you might find your account getting blocked. But don’t worry, Epic says it doesn’t happen often… probably because not a lot of people use the store to buy games in the first place. Catherine: Full Body‘s localization seems as if it has succumbed to the Social Justice Warrior outrage machine and will censor itself, just the same as Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris, which will reduce the sexual content and censor a key character for a CERO C rating. And Sony’s CEO wants to add “countermeasures” to the PlayStation ecosystem to deal with gaming addiction after the World Health Organization announced that they wanted to add gaming disorders to the ICD-11 charter.


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