Wild Life, 18+ RPG Alpha Test Videos Show Off Character Customization And More

Adeptus Steve, or Stefan Ehrenhaus, and crew are currently working on an erotic open world RPG, better known as an adult game. The title that’s been in the works for years seems to be maturing and taking shape according to a new alpha test video released for the PC title.

The indie project that’s grown over the years and erecting a strong following has gained a new video as of late. The game in question, Wild Life, sees players assuming the role of a character and solving issues through fights, establishing sexual relationships with NPCs, and doing typical RPG activities.

The team behind the 18+ title aim to make Wild Life more complex than it currently is since they’re picking up professional devs from projects like Overwatch, Kill Zone, Battleforge, The Division, and Crysis. This is in addition to some pros that have worked on movies such as Disney’s Junglebook, Wonder Woman, The Revenant, and Passengers:

“As the world of Wild Life grows and becomes more complex, we are lucky to find more and more professionals from the film and games industry who are just as excited about this game and its development. Our work-experience is rooted in many projects including games like Overwatch, Kill Zone, Battleforge, The Division or Crysis and movies like Disney’s Junglebook, Wonderwoman, The Revenant and Passengers. With that much knowledge and passion for great content in this growing team we just know that this journey is only getting more exciting and will lead us to a great game…”

The devs are funding the game through Patreon (which pulls in $51,885 per month from 4,478 backers) and released a pitch video on Wild Life in late 2018 on Stefan Ehrenhaus’ YouTube channel:

Character models, textures and more are likely to be updated as the game is polished and leaves alpha, but for now, you can check out character customization in action thanks to GameSelect Trailer:

Furthermore, the latest alpha video released this week on Wild Life shows off a quick demonstration of the reworked flight system (new animations) and smoother controls:

Other features in the works include group sex, more terrain, different playable characters, blowjobs, new areas, and more.

Wild Life has no release date and is currently a PC only title. If you are interested in this game, you can become a Patreon member to play alpha test builds, which one released on May 3rd, 2019.


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