YouTube Completely Demonetizes Ronald McOnePunch’s Channel Featuring Visual Novels For “Repetitious Content”
Ronald McOnePunch

[Update 5/13/2019:] Ronald McOnePunch notified us that after appealing the demonetization he was able to get his channel re-monetized.

[Original article:] We’ve been reporting on YouTube cracking down on certain kinds of sexual content on the platform, especially of the anime kind. Games like Senran Kagura have been delisted from the gaming directory, and other games have either been flagged for auto-demonetized like Dead or Alive 6, or the games have had certain kinds of content removed from the platform. This is done to deter people from posting up such content, and YouTube extended this kind of deterrent to YouTuber Ronald McOnePunch.

The content creator commands just over 36,000 subscribers, and majority of his content centers around visual novels, but he also has other meme videos, anime-style games like Devil May Cry and Jump Force, as well as Q&A streams. However, all of that may be slowing down since none of his content can be monetized any longer. The news came courtesy of a tweet that McOnePunch posted up on Twitter.

If you can’t see the images in the tweet it shows that YouTube has completely demonetized the account so that none of the content is eligible for the content creator to receive ad revenue.

The reason for the demonetization? Repetitious content.

The notice reads…

“Content that appears mass-produced in order to increase views without adding significant educational or other value.”

It’s bizarre that YouTube now has a new restriction on monetization: your content has to be educational.

Of course, this has affected Ronald McOnePunch in a really bad way. He tweeted out to YouTube that the small amount of money he was making from his YouTube channel was going toward paying for his education.

McOnePunch made a quick video about the demonetization, asking for help from his subscribers.

We’re now starting to see how YouTube cranking down on channels with their sweeping demonetization of certain kinds of content and content creators is hitting the pockets of plebeians, and not just political pundits.

McOnePunch received plenty of positive support on Twitter, and has requested for YouTube to check his channel again.

It could be YouTube’s algorithm going through and auto-demonetizing the content due to all the busty anime babes in the thumbnail with plenty of exposed cleavage, or it could be an angry YouTube staffer who hates McOnePunch’s content. Either way, his channel is completely and entirely demonetized for now.

(Thanks for the news tip Animatic)


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