YU-NO Will Be Censored On Switch, PS4 In West; Steam Version Will Be Uncensored
YU-NO Censored

A lot of gamers were wondering about the status of Spike Chunsoft’s YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love At The Bound Of This World, and whether or not the game would even release on the Nintendo Switch in the West after it looked like news had stopped short of confirming a Switch release. However, Spike Chunsoft revealed that the game is indeed coming to the West, but it won’t be fully intact.

Over on the Spike Chunsoft blog they revealed that the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions of YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love At The Bound Of This World will be censored. They detail the censorship at the bottom of the post, almost ashamedly so, writing…

“We would like to inform the community about the following content changes made to the game in order to secure a release in the West on consoles. The following changes will be included in the localized Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions:


Sala Oasis Scene
A sunbeam is placed over Sala’s naked lower body.
Some cursor interaction symbols have been replaced with the “investigation” symbol. The story content and gameplay remains the same; only the cursor symbol itself has been replaced.”

It’s not clear why this censorship is happening only for the Western versions of the game for home consoles? It’s possible that Sony has pulled a Microsoft for content parity and have enforced the content in the Switch version to match what’s available on the PS4, therefore it enforces publishers to carry over the censorship policies from PS4 to Switch. It’s a possibility but we don’t know for sure and given the NDAs in place we’ll likely never find out unless someone leaks how the platform contracts work.

On the upside, they do reveal in the very last paragraph that the Steam version of the game will be uncensored and will be equivalent to the Japanese version of the game on the Nintendo Switch, stating…

“These content changes will not be applied to the Steam(PC) version. The Steam(PC) version will contain identical content to the Japanese Nintendo Switch release.”

That’s only a partial relief.

This basically means that console owners are getting screwed.

This isn’t the first time this has happened with a Spike Chunsoft release, though. They also censored Zanki Zero and the opening movie to Crystar, only they didn’t just censor the console versions of the game they also censored the PC release. This led to a backlash on the forums, which in turn led to censorship of the complaints on the forums, which is never a good look.

The announcement of the censorship hijacked the discussion of the game after Gematsu had rolled out a laundry list of details about YU-NO. Some people are saying that Spike shouldn’t have revealed the censorship because it would bring out the “toxic” weebs, others were angry that the game was being censored in the first place, and others were just thankful that they were alerted to the censorship beforehand so they know which version not to purchase. A few juggled around theories about why the Switch version was also censored.

Spike has avoided talking much about the censorship of the games other than that it has taken place and a given gamers a heads-up about what’s been changed. However, further details on why those changes had to take place or why the Switch version or PC version of some games are also censored have never been publicly expounded upon.

Either way, you can look for YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World on October 1st when it launches in North America for PS4, Steam and Nintendo Switch for $49.99.

(Thanks for the news tip EvaUnit02 and Denyal)


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