AI: The Somnium Files Will Release Uncensored For PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC

AI The Somnium Files

Spike Chunsoft’s AI: The Somnium Files is due out worldwide on PS4, Nintendo Switch and on Steam for PC July 25th, 2019. In a recent interview they confirmed that the game will launch unchanged in its global release across all platforms, meaning that it won’t be affected by roadblocks like Sony’s censorship policies.

In an interview with Noisy Pixel, AI: The Somnium Files director Kotaro Uchikoski mentioned…

“This is a worldwide release, the version that is coming out is the version that everyone will get. The game will launch with dual-audio, Japanese and English.”

This is good news for anyone who has been desperately awaiting the release of the game. It’s hard to tell how ripe a game like this is for censorship, but at least the director has confirmed that everything will stay the same between the Japanese version and the Western version… unless of course, the Japanese version was censored, at which point it doesn’t matter anyway. But there haven’t been any reports of censorship, so this is good news all the around for everyone… for now.

It’s also a welcome change from Spike Chunsoft’s previous outing, Zanki Zero, which was heavily censored making the transition to the West for Steam and PS4.

Spike Chunsoft also ran into some backlash from the community over Crystar‘s release, but we still don’t know quite yet if the game is actually censored. What we do know is that during the opening cinematic that was made available on Steam, Spike did cut out a fraction of a second that featured the main heroine’s bare bottom on screen during a transformation phase. Unfortunately, anyone attempting to bring this issue up in the Steam forums found themselves on the unrighteous end of a banhammer.

On the upside, we do know that AI: The Somnium Files is making its way Westward unscathed by Sony’s censorship policies, which is good news for purists.

(Thanks for the news tip Hiecchi)

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