Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound And Debriefed HD Remake Is Coming To PC, PS4
Akiba's Trip

XSeed Games announced that a remake of the 2011 PSP outing of Akiba’s Trip is in development on a brand new engine running in HD, and it’s inbound for PlayStation 4 and PC gamers. An exact release date wasn’t revealed but there were some screenshots made available.

Siliconera posted up some of the first bits of information about the upcoming re-release, which will take all of the features that were present in the original release and the Akiba’s Trip Plus update from 2012, and pack it into an HD outing for console and PC gamers. The big question is: how is this going to work out with Sony’s censorship policies in place?


So there’s two things that need to be addressed upfront. The first is that Akiba’s Trip is about a character who finds himself in a war against vampire-like creatures who look like humans but are instantly dispatched when they’re stripped out of their clothing. This leads to the second point: how is this concept going to work with the censorship policies in place?

Sony has been cracking down on a ton of fan-service games, and there’s no way a game about stripping people down to their tighty whities is going to get a pass from the Censorship Officers working at the California headquarters.

If thighs and cleavage have been hit by the policies, I’m pretty sure young people in public places being stripped nearly naked during combat is high up on the naughty list of things the Censorship Officers would probably frown upon.


Nevertheless, the screenshots that Siliconera posted up are all milquetoast, and likely purposefully selected to avoid the causing any kind of offense.

For people familiar with the series this is an instant red flag, since Akiba’s Trip was originally known for its tongue-in-cheek fan-service thanks to the ridiculous plot device involving stripping characters of their clothes to defeat them.

You can see the boob-bouncing, panty-baring, clothes-ripping action on display with the compilation video below from MoloMowChow from Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed on PC.

We’ll see what XSeed Games and Acquire pull out of the hat with Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed when it launches for the first time outside of Japan on PC and PS4. But don’t be shocked if the game doesn’t make the trip with all of its features intact for the PS4.

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