Anita Sarkeesian Is Going Broke

Anita Sarkeesian Get Woke Go Broke

Some videos have been popping covering the finances of Feminist Frequency, headed up by culture activist Anita Sarkeesian. The videos have detailed how much money the organization has brought in annually, and how much money it’s been losing each year on end, and it isn’t good… it isn’t good at all.

Following Anita Sarkeesian’s unrequited bid to consult on Cyberpunk 2077, which a lot of people saw as her attempting to weasel back into the spotlight after some SJW outlets tried calling it “racist” and “homophobic”. However, there was a reason behind this calculated maneuver to grift: apparently Sarkeesian is going broke.

In a video by TheQuartering he breaks down Feminist Frequency’s revenue intake over the years, and things are not looking good… at all. You can check out the video below.

There is a lot of interesting data in the video, which links over to the 2017 financials for Feminist Frequency, which reveals that they had an opening balance of $343,721 in 2017, carried over from 2016. They totaled $254,736 in revenue back in 2017, and had an operating expenditure of $438,192. They ended the year with a balance of $149,711 in 2017.

That’s not a bad haul.

However, carrying 2017’s finances over into 2018 did not prove auspicious for Feminist Frequency. According to the 2018 financials, they opened up 2018 with just $157,490, down $186,231 from what they opened 2017 with. They totaled 2018 with a revenue intake of $354,525, but had an expenditure in operating costs of $323,557, thus ending the year with just $30,967.

Yes, they opened 2018 down with barely 20% of the revenue that they opened 2017 with. At her previous burn rate, there would have been no way to keep operations going as they were previously, which is why she had to basically come close to closing up shop.

Brad Glasgow from Game Objective also did a piece covering her finances, reiterating that things aren’t looking good for her or Feminist Frequency.

As pointed out in the video by TheQuartering, Sarkeesian laid off her staff and closed her offices earlier this year due to burning through her finances. This was glossed over in a puff-piece published on Polygon on June 19th, 2019, where it was stated…

“Earlier this year, Sarkeesian decided that Feminist Frequency needed to change. She ceased taking a salary and laid off her co-creators and close friends Ebony Adams and Petit. She closed her offices and stopped making videos.”

If the 2018 budget sheet is anything to go by, Sarkeesian is running on financial fumes. The $30,000 would just barely be enough to keep the lights on. This explains now why she’s been aggressively promoting her consultancy firm.

After gliding through Kickstarter based on a lot of pomp and propaganda leveraged from claims of harassment back in 2012, and later cashing in a ticket on the hate-train she rode on the railway of #GamerGate into the arms of mainstream media, the facade is fading faster than the poorly hewn elasticity around Kim Kardashian’s hind quarters.

Unless she gets picked up by a notable studio for consultancy work or launches another crowdfunding campaign, this could be the end of Sarkeesian’s era of prominence in the world of interactive entertainment. Unfortunately, the lasting effects she’s had on the creative side of the industry have echoed horribly throughout Western-made games, netting some of them spots on the Get Woke; Go Broke Master List… a list that Sarkeesian may find herself on someday soon.

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