Antifa Assaulted Asian Journalist Andy Ngo With Milkshakes Filled With Quick-Dry Cement
Andy Ngo Antifa Assault

[Update:] According to News Chute, Andy Ngo was admitted to the hospital and is suffering from “brain bleed” due to his injuries.

[Original article:] Reports have been spreading quickly across the internet about the Antifa violence that took place in Portland, Oregon on June 29th, 2019. Specifically, gay Asian journalist Andy Ngo was assaulted by Antifa and it was captured on film.

Human Events recounted how the violence escalated at the rally that involved a Proud Boys march, which was intercepted by Antica. They also embedded the footage from Twitter user Jim Ryan, who captured some of the assault taking place against Ngo. The journalist was pelted with objects, milkshakes, and eggs while police avoided intervening until the assault had ceased.

As noted in the Human Events piece, there were various supporters of Antifa and those on the far Left who were cheering on the violence against Ngo, blaming him for the injuries he incurred. Many others were completely silent about the violence enacted by Antifa, not willing to condemn other Leftists and uphold their narrative for the sake of tribalism.

Journalist Tim Pool was also in the trending feed pointing out how various Left-wing activists posing as journalists have been using their nationally syndicated platforms to praise and champion Antifa, all while these groups commit conscienceless acts of violence.

Images of Ngo’s injuries were also posted up online, as depicted in the tweet by journalist Ian Miles Cheong.

It was also revealed that Antifa members were lobbing milkshakes at those they considered to be their ideological opponents, but those milkshakes were replaced with quick-dry cement, as noted by the Portland Police department. Some of these milkshakes were even thrown at Andy Ngo during his assault.

This was literally the exact worry that many people had when commercial corporations like Burger King were encouraging the incitement of violence by lobbing milkshakes at political opponents. The most obvious question was: what if the milkshakes contained some kind of dangerous substance in them?

Well, it appears as if Antifa was doing exactly what people feared they would do.

According to photojournalist Brandon Farley, Portland police were on hand to make arrests for some members of Antifa, specifically those caught engaging in assault and battery within their presence.

There was an interesting tweet from Farley, though. He mentioned that the police were trying to push him into harm’s way.

Farley believes that the violence against Ngo may have been staged, potentially with help from the local officials. He doesn’t have much information in the way of proof other than a tweet and a photo that was published on June 30th, 2019.

This kind of escalation of violence has been happening often and escalating at a rapid clip leading up to the 2020 elections. Many believe that if Antifa isn’t stopped and the propaganda media outlets aren’t brought to heel soon, it will eventually lead to a civil war within the United States, which is exactly what the Christchurch shooter wanted.

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