Astral Chain, Stylized Action Game Still Scheduled For August 30th

Platinum Games is known for stylized action and unique settings, which is present in their 2017 hit Nier: Automata. Well, living up to that stylized combat and out of this world themes comes Nintendo and Platinum Games’ Astral Chain, a game set to drop Q3 of this year.

While we wait for its surprisingly short release date to roll around this August, let’s look over what’s going on behind the scenes with Astral Chain. Firstly, the game is directed by Takahisa Taura who was previously lead game designer for Nier: Automata under Hideki Kamiya supervision — Bayonetta series creator — while manga artist Masakazu Katsura is behind character designs.

The interesting part about Astral Chain is that it was announced on February 13th of this year and is due out on August 30th, 2019. This means that there’s a six-month gap between announcement and release, whereas development on this title is shrouded in mystery meaning it could be janky or really cool, time will tell.

But something that we do  know is that Astral Chain will have fast and furious combat and doesn’t shy away from all sorts of different weaponry, guns, swords, and different cool stuff.

As for boss fights, they appear to be similar to Metal Gear Rising and God Eater. Instead of listening to me explain the game and action scenes, you can check out the new E3 2019 Nintendo Direct gameplay trailer right here:

“Work together with the Legions to fight back against the invading Chimera and save humanity when PlatinumGames’ ASTRAL CHAIN arrives August 30th!”

Given that Hideki Kamiya is working as the supervising producer on the project, along with Takahisa Taura — the director for Anarchy Reigns and NieR: Automata — and Masakuza Katsura has me excited to see more.

Anywho, you can look for Astral Chain to debut exclusively on the Nintendo Switch late August.


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