Atelier Ryza Trailer Highlights Alchemy, Thigh Gaps, And Slight Boob Jiggling
Atelier Ryza

Gust is really hammering home how much they enjoy the attractiveness of the female form in subtle and not-so-subtle ways with their latest trailer for the upcoming Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout. This includes giving us a big ‘ole hefty helping of Ryza’s thighs and her ever-present thigh gap, as well as some slight boob jiggling throughout the rest of the trailer.

While companies like NetherRealm Studios and Square Enix have given their women stone titties, Gust has moved in the opposite direction, focusing on the bob and bounce that accompanies boobies in loose fitting clothing. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Nmia.

The trailer covers a number of the game features, including the alchemy meta-game where you collect resources and combine them to make up new skills, attacks, and healing tonics.

We also see a little bit of the turn-based combat, where Ryza and her allies engage with the monsters attempting to attack their idyllic little village, but the main focus is on Ryza, her artwork, and her character design.

There’s a true sense of thickness to Ryza, as the artwork and in-game model reminds us that while she’s rather petite, she’s also curvy in all the right places. This is rather evident with the opening few seconds of the trailer where the first shot of the heroine are those round mounds of ripeness attached to her pelvis.

Atelier Ryza - Thick Thighs

The game isn’t Dead or Alive, though. So don’t expect her boobs to wiggle, wobble, and jiggle incessantly. You can definitely see the movement when she runs, stops, gets up, or makes any kind of sudden movements.

It’s funny because Square Enix has their Ethics Department looking over the shoulders of developers to ensure that natural breast movements aren’t included in games like Final Fantasy VII Remake. Pure silliness.

Atelier Ryza - Thin Shirt

Thankfully, Gust is doing right by physics and honoring their audience by including enticing features that will draw a crowd (and likely money) such as thigh gaps and boob jiggling. These are staple features of fan-service that will only increase the appeal of the main character, and by proxy, appeal for the game itself.

You can look for Atelier Ryza to drop in Japan on September 26th. The release date for the game is set for October 29th in North America and November 1st in Europe for PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch.

(Thanks for the news tip Mugen Tenshin)


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