Blair Witch Horror Game From Layers Of Fear Devs Set To Launch August 30th
Blair Witch Xbox

During Microsoft’s E3 press conference Blooper Team and LionsGate Games announced that Blair Witch would be arriving on Xbox One and PC starting August 30th later this year. The game is based on the Blair Witch lore from years ago, and takes place four years before the events of the Blair Witch Project that kicked off the found-footage horror genre.

The two minute trailer reveal for Blooper Team’s rendition of Blair Witch looks to combine some cinematics with a little bit of the gameplay concepts that still hearken back to the small indie team’s tried and true method of relying on atmosphere and environmental cues to keep players in a state of suspense.

The game follows an investigator who heads out into the woods with his dog in search of a missing boy in the Black Hills Forest near Burkittsville, Maryland. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of GameSpot.

The trailer actually starts backwards, with the investigator, named Ellis, running through the woods toward a house with his camera.

It then rewinds back to when Ellis and his dog first started the manhunt for the missing person in 1996. However, as they begin to explore the Black Hills Forest, things go awry and he ends up fleeing through the haunted site for his very life.

Like other Blooper Team projects, you’ll have to navigate through the Blair Witch lore while keeping Ellis’ sanity intact all while moving through a forest that changes its shape through both through the manipulation of space and time.

Given the history of the team’s work with projects like Observer and Layers of Fear, this seems perfectly up their alley. I’m not one who’s into walking simulators, but Blooper Team has managed to carve out a niche who seem to enjoy their take on the walking sim horror genre.

Visually the game reminds me so much of The Farm 51’s Get Even. There’s an aesthetic tone to Blair Witch that makes both it and Get Even look quite similar.

Pre-orders are available now for the game, but you all know the rule about pre-orders… right?

For more information feel free to visit the official website.


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