Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Gameplay Walkthrough
Bloodstained Gameplay Walkthrough

ArtPlay and 505 Games’ Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is currently available for PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. The 2.5D side-scroller is already setting the game world ablaze with praise and admiration for the classically made Metroidvania, properly referred to as an Igavania. If you needed a little help with getting through some parts of the title, there is a gameplay walkthrough guide available.

YouTuber Lacry has a playlist covering the the game from start to finish. You can check out the Bloodstained walkthrough below.

Unlike a lot of other games designed for anti-gaming journalists, Bloodstained only has three difficulty settings made specifically for real gamers:

Once you choose the difficulty, you’ll be greeted with a cinematic and then you’ll be tossed into the game where you can equip your gear. Press the options button on the PS4 DualShock or the Xbox One controller to check Miriam’s equipment and shards.

Bloodstained - Miriam

Bloodstained Controls: How To Play

You won’t have much to choose from at the beginning other than shoes and a knife.

Jump by pressing ‘X’ on the DualShock or ‘A’ on the Xbox controller. You can jump higher by holding down the jump button.

Slide under barriers or obstacles by pressing down + jump.

You’ll perform basic attacks with Square on the PS4 or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller.

You can backstep during combat by tapping the left bumper.

To examine objects or open chests you can use the up arrow on the digital pad.

You can cast magic from the shards you collect using the left or right trigger. You can aim the magic with the right analog.

Additionally, you can open certain doors by toggling the right analog left or right.

Bloodstained - Galleon Minerva Map

Galleon Minerva

The first stage will be the ship the Galleon Minerva. Make your way across the ship’s upper deck until you reach the lower levels. Just below deck to your right you’ll find a save point.

Just to the left of the save point and one deck below you’ll be able to acquire some flame magic after acquiring another shard.

Make your way down and around to the very bottom deck and you’ll find another save point to the far left, along with a scarf and some other accessories.

Make your way around to the leftmost side of the map and you’ll find that as you travel up you’ll acquire a claymore sword.

Continue up until you reach the opposite side of the first save point. You’ll need to push a box over to reach the next level and acquire a new sword and then make your way to the top deck again, only this time you’ll be on the other side.

Bloodstained - Gebel

After a short cinematic featuring Gebel, you’ll have to face off against the octopus lady boss.

If your life is low be sure to use a potion by going into your inventory.

The boss has a basic pattern, firing two fireballs at you and a couple of purple mists.

Dodge the fireballs and the purple mist and then strike away on the monster face where the boss’ vay-jayjay is supposed to be.

After doing so much damage she will switch stances and move to the center of the screen.

Jump over her water spray and then attack her head.

Bloodstained - Octopus Lady

Rinse and repeat the combat tactics mentioned above while also taking out the boss’ minions to finish the fight.

Following the cinematic you’ll end up ashore at the next stop.


At the village you’ll need to kill some goop monsters and giant rats.

Be careful because there aren’t any healing supplies in that area.

Once you dispatch the enemies you’ll encounter Dominique in the next scene, and she’s dressed like a wet dream.

The exorcist will introduce herself through a cinematic and then you’ll learn that Johannes and Dominique will work as crafting stations and stores for you. You can sell your useless stuff to Dominique as well as unlock new items and abilities through Johannes’ crafting.

Bloodstained – Dominique

Once you get done interacting with Dominique you’ll meet Lindsay, who is one of the various NPCs you’ll meet who will give you side-quests that you can complete in addition to advancing the main plot.

You can also upgrade your shards or craft weapons, armor, and potions with Johannes.

When you get done acquiring new equipment, upgrading your gear and equipping your weapons, it’s time to head out.

Remember, it’s best to kill as many enemies as possible in order to acquire as many crafting pieces as possible. The more crafting gear you have the more items you’ll be able to make, modify, or upgrade.

When you get done you can then go outside.

Outside the safe zone there’s an ammo capacity upgrade that you can acquire that’s directly above where you exit the safe zone.

Head right and you’ll enter into a house where you can grab another sword. Keep heading right and you’ll make your way into Gebel’s castle.


After you flip the switch and head into castle you can acquire some items by breaking the statues and picking up the items that fall out.

In the next area head up the platforms and you’ll find some resources in the chests above the chandelier.

In the next area take out the dogs and demons and then proceed into the next section. Platform up the ledges and you’ll be able to acquire a +1 capacity increase. There’s also a book shelf with a book that you can access that will allow you to learn a new skill.

Bloodstained – Alfred

Now in order to properly progress you’ll need to get to where the red chest is. To reach the red chest on the platform you’ll need to drop down from the top floor by squeezing through the left side of the platform and then jumping across to where the red chest is located.

In the next area a cinematic will play where Miriam and Johannes will meet up with Alfred, who explains that he’s in search of a tome that Gebel has.

Proceed to the right and keep battling the enemies, collecting the shards, and progressing through the castle. If you unlock the summon shard for the bats they may come in handy for the flying pig-bats.

If you keep going you’ll encounter the Coachman.

This will initiate a puzzle where you’ll need to access a giant hand.

Head down to the lower levels. Take out the other monsters and acquire the red beret.

Make your way upward and to your left to acquire the mace in the chest after you kill all the monsters.

Head up into the next level just above where you acquired the mace. There’s an HP+ power-up you can acquire along with a red door you’ll need to proceed through.

Just below the level where you passed through the red door is a chest with a blunderbuss inside. Take it.

If you don’t want the blunderbuss then don’t jump down but instead keep heading left across the gap into the next area.

You’ll find a fast travel spot along with a save point just before your next boss fight, which is just above that location.

The fight with Zangetsu can be challenging if you’re not prepared. Make sure your mana is full, and if you acquired the crossbow make sure it’s equipped as your secondary.

Wait for Zangetsu to attack and then leap behind him and unleash a combo. He’ll move away or perform a leaping attack. When he performs a leaping attack get behind him and unleash another devastating combo on him. When he uses the chain grapple to swing to the other side use your projectile to fire upon him.

Dodge his basic attacks and jumping attacks while striking him from behind until the cinematic plays.

It might be wise to use the fast travel to head back to the safe zone to trade in your useless items, craft new items, and upgrade your gear.

You’ll also meet Susie, an old lady who will give you additional side-quests.

Dian Cecht Cathedral

Once you get done with your gear and acquiring new quests, fast-travel back to the location where you fought Zangetsu and then ten make your way across the chandeliers to acquire iron from a chest, as well as a Capacity+1 upgrade.

Also, be sure to collect Waystones as you travel throughout the castle. Dominique will reward you with 1,000g per every civilian you return home that you find throughout the castle. You’ll find a civilian named Benjamin in the room on the opposite side of the fast travel location just past where you fought Zangetsu.

You’ll face off against a new kind of demon in the Dian Cecht Cathedral who is one part Chakan and one part Voldo from Soul Calibur.

Proceed up through the cathedral and you’ll acquire a new permanent shard after defeating a ghastly globe. This will allow you to use the left trigger to pull up a shortcut menu so you can equip items, potions, or abilities to the quick slots so you can easily select from them during gameplay.

Bloodstained – Cat

In the top left corner of the cathedral you’ll find the butcher barber… Todd.

Todd will be able to give you different hairstyles and you’ll also be able to change Miriam’s hair color and clothes palette from Todd as well.

Back towards the right will lead you into the main chapel where in the lower left hand corner you’ll head back to a previous area, whereas the lower right will take you to the save point. The upper right will lead you to a stain glass boss.

Attack the fingers and wait for it to ball up and attack you so you can dodge out of the way and then proceed to keep hacking and slashing away at it until it preps for its next attack.

The stain glass sub-boss is rather simple. There’s a chest in the next room once you defeat the boss.

Head back into the main chapel and proceed through the lower left passage that loops around to the next area.

Use the nearly acquired stain glass hand you acquired from the boss to push the obstruction out of the way.

Bloodstained - Glass Hand

The Garden of Silence

The stain glass hand will also be required for pushing the obstruction out of the way where the Coachman is located.

Use the stain glass hand to push the blockade out of the way. Talk to the Coachman and then go to the back of the coach and sit down on the seat by pressing up on the digital pad.

Miriam will sit down on the back of the chariot and the Coachman will take you to the other side of the broken bridge. There’s a fast travel location at the bottom right.

Bloodstained - Coachman

Just above where the Coachman is located you’ll find a treasure chest with a Kung Fu Vest inside.

Further into the map you’ll be able to hop across the top of an archway. There’s an HP power-up on the top of the gazebo.

There are three pathways: two at the top and one at the bottom.

If you go at the top it’ll lead you to the Bridge of Evil. You won’t be able to pass through the bridge because you’ll need to access the entry. The pathway above that leads you to the Tower of the Twin Dragons, which is a giant circular clocktower.

If you head down through the catacombs there’s a well to the far right side of the map and a capacity upgrade.

Inside the well press down to hop down the platforms and it will take you to the Forbidden Underground Waterway.

It’s probably best to head up to the Tower of the Twin Dragons.

Make your way up the clocktower and and you’ll need to head inside the tower where you can platform up the ledges and acquires the items in the chests along the way to the right.

If you go to the left you’ll encounter Gebel again.

Alfred will appear to fight Gebel in order to acquire the Liber Logaeth, but luckily you won’t be thrust into any impromptu boss fights.

Just down and to your right you’ll find a save point, while to your left you’ll enter into the next area.

Bloodstained - Livre Ex Machina

Livre Ex Machina

Inside the library you’ll need to use Miriam’s ability to pull the shelves out using the right analog stick.

You’ll need to create a series of platforms to get to the top of the top of the area.

Keep in mind that in order to properly jump across the book shelves you’ll need to pull them out until they glow white, otherwise you’ll just fall through them and they won’t work as proper platforms.

Proceed across the platforms to your left and avoid dying on the spikes. To the far left you can go down and then to your right to find a save point.

Once you finish saving your game you can head up top to meet Orlok Dracule, who fulfills an identical role to the librarian from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

You can acquire books from OD, which will boost up Miriam’s stats.

When you finish improving your literacy you’ll find a fast travel room just above OD’s location.

To the left of the save point room there’s a boss inside. Be sure that you’ve prepared yourself for the fight.

The boss relies on a lot of close quarters and area of effect aura attacks. However, the boss is rather simple, and if you use the shield of paintings you’ll be able to defeat him rather quickly.

Once the boss is defeated you’ll unlock the ability to glide with wings.

This will enable you to double jump and reach new areas you couldn’t previously.

Head back to the clock tower and make your way up the platforms in the gear room using your new double jump powers thanks to the wings. Jump up on the gears and then duck on the larger gear to avoid getting impaled by the spikes. Head right and exit the room.

Continue to make your way up toward the top of the tower.


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