BTS World Is Ready To Wreck Teenage Girl Panties Come June 25th

BTS World

Oh boy, you might want to grab some tartar sauce to go with all that fresh fish juice now that Netmarble and Big Hit Entertainment announced that BTS World will be released on June 25th for mobile devices around the world, except for China because they apparently hate young men who look like girls in reverse drag.

Netmarble revealed the release date along with a teaser trailer that was posted up over on the YouTube channel for the mobile title themed around managing the South Korean boy band. The teaser trailer also supposedly contains a link to the website that features the group’s newest single.

The story-based game is themed around players having to take on the role of a newly hired manager in charge of helping the group become and maintain worldwide fame, and keeping young girls’ panties soiled with post-pubescent fluids.

The game itself features a lot of quests and various missions for players to complete while being peppered in with plenty of mini-games and interactive systems to keep casuals glued to the screen.

You’ll be able to play through the mini-game ahead of the launch via pre-registration over on the official BTS World website. The early sneak peek will give you a look at the story mode, the mobile functionality, and some virtual interactions with the group members that is bound to get the female audience clicking the mouse like they’ve never clicked their mouse before.

I doubt this will change the world of gaming, but it will definitely change the odoriferous nature of the room to something a lot more clammy when the teeny boppers start popping open the app.

As mentioned, you can look for the new game based on the BTS boy band to drop later this month starting June 25th around the world and on June 26th in Korea… oh, and it won’t be available in China. So if you were hoping to chat with your Weibo friends about it in the great Winnie the Pooh Republic, you may as well stow that idea in that custom cupboard you picked up from the vendor in Tienanmen Square.

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