Congressman Gohmert Says Google Should Be Stripped Of Immunity, Pursued By Class-Action Lawsuits

Google Exposed

While Alphabet is trying to censor the news about the whistleblower exposing Google’s manipulation of search results and their attempt to subvert the upcoming 2020 elections by censoring certain websites from their news feeds, some government officials are taking notice and they aren’t too happy about it, such as U.S. Congressman Louie Gohmert, representing the first district of Texas.

On Wednesday, June 24th, 2019, Congressman Gohmert and his staff posted a response to Project Veritas’ coverage, which exposed Google’s ideologically driven search engine manipulation, and their attempt to do what they can to filter results to alter the 2020 elections. TheGohmert’s post was made available over on the official House government website, where he briefly stated…

“This video shows Google’s biases are now a threat to a free and fair election, all while they hide behind the immunity given by Congress years ago when they were supposed to be a simple ‘town square’ where everyone’s voice could be heard without biased results. In fact, Google references a significant role they see themselves fulfilling in the 2020 elections.”

You can view the video below, which covers various employees from Google, including Jen Gennai, the head of responsible innovation at Google, who outright admitted that they are manipulating the algorithm so the results are “fair” according to Google’s standards, not the public’s standards.

Gohmert went on to say…

“This discovery should set off alarm bells throughout the country. It is no secret that Google has a political agenda. Multiple brave tech insiders have stepped forward and exposed Google’s censorship of content and specialized algorithms. This media giant’s ‘social justice narrative’ should distress all Americans who value a free and open society. Google should not be deciding whether content is important or trivial and they most assuredly should not be meddling in our election process. They need their immunity stripped and to be properly pursued by class action lawsuits by those they have knowingly harmed.”

This actually ties into Josh Hawley’s “End Support For Internet Censorship Act”, which was just introduced in June, 2019 as a way to strip big tech companies of their section 230 Communications Decency Act protections that grant them immunity from liability for what’s published on their platforms because they’re labeled as service platforms rather than publishers. However, as evident in Project Veritas’ coverage, Google is not a platform; they are not equivalent to a telephone service or a communications platform since they are actively censoring and manipulating what people can and cannot see, and what they can and cannot say. The algorithm was also exposed for having editorial oversight, revealing that Google is actively working as a publisher, not as a platform.

None of this helps Google during the apparent Department of Justice probe into Alphabet’s rather apparent antitrust violations, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Nevertheless, the company seems to be approaching this rather apparent act of treason with nonchalance.

Jenn Gennai, the one in the Project Veritas video who had no qualms about Google manipulating what’s visible on the search engines, even penned a short Medium piece on June 24th, 2019, addressing the video, writing…

“Project Veritas has edited the video to make it seem that I am a powerful executive who was confirming that Google is working to alter the 2020 election. On both counts, this is absolute, unadulterated nonsense, of course. In a casual restaurant setting, I was explaining how Google’s Trust and Safety team (a team I used to work on) is working to help prevent the types of online foreign interference that happened in 2016. Google has been very public about the work that our teams have done since 2016 on this, so it’s hardly a revelation.


“The video then goes on to stitch together a series of debunked conspiracy theories about our search results, and our other products. Google has repeatedly been clear that it works to be a trustworthy source of information, without regard to political viewpoint. In fact, Google has no notion of political ideology in its rankings. And everything I have seen backs this up. Our CEO has said ”We do not bias our products to favor any political agenda.” He’s somewhat more powerful and authoritative than me.”


  • RedState is shadow-banned from Google News. If you search up “” in GNews nothing from the actual website shows up, as evidenced in the archived search results. If you search up RedState using the “” and sort by date then you’ll see the results from the website, as evidenced via the search archive. Literally, is shadow-banned.
  • is also shadow-banned. If you go to Google News and type in “News With Views” you won’t get content from that website, you instead get content from other websites, as evidenced via the archived search results. If you type in “” you’ll get a listing of articles from the website if you sort the results by date, as evidence via the archived search results.
  • is also shadow-banned by Google. Searching up the site name in Google News returns results from other websites, as evidenced via the archived search results. If you search up “Blackmanity” and then arrange the results by date, you’ll see that the site’s content shows up as intended, as evidenced by the archived search results.
  • The same thing applies to One Angry Gamer. If you go to Google News and type in “One Angry Gamer” search results from other websites appear, but not from OAG, as evidenced by archived search results. In order to see content from One Angry Gamer in GNews, you have to arrange the search results by date and then the articles show up, as evidenced by the archived search results.
  • Bitchute is another victim of Google’s shadow-banning. If you find any video on Bitchute, exclusive or otherwise, and search it up on Google none of the results will return the link to the actual Bitchute video address nor will it appear in the video carousal, as evidenced with the archived search results. If you make the exact same search for the exact same video on DuckDuckGo it will return the Bitchute video, as evidenced with the archived search results. Bing also shows Bitchute’s videos when you search up their titles, unlike Google, as evidenced with the archived search results.

Some of the content doesn’t even show up even when it’s arranged by date. But you can test this on any website. A site that’s not shadow-banned will show up whether you search it up normally or arrange it by relevance/date.

What’s more is that in the Project Veritas video they revealed that Google staff will manually remove certain search results that go against their agenda. As you can see, Google completely removed One Angry Gamer’s story about the lesbians who decapitated the 9-year-old from the general search index, as evidenced by the archived search results. The story still shows up just fine in DuckDuckGo, as evidenced by the archived search results.

Google claims they don’t manipulate the results, but the only way people could know for sure is if they archive the results and present the evidence to the public. The problem, however, is that websites, news outlets, or content creators who attempt to do this are oftentimes silenced or censored, which is what happened when Project Veritas and Tim Pool were both censored when attempting to spread the news about the Pinterest censorship. Or just recently when YouTube censored Project Veritas’ video exposing Google’s search engine manipulation and goals to manipulate the 2020 elections, which was compounded with an extra dose of censorship from Reddit, who suspended Project Veritas’ account.

Thankfully there are others like TheQuartering who are still trying to get the news out there and spread the word about Google’s censorship practices.

Regardless of what the evidence says, and what the documents say, and what the actual, literal search engine results pull up, Gennai continues to deny any wrongdoing, blatantly stating in the Medium piece…

“But despite what the video may have you believe, I’m not involved in any of these products, just like I’m not involved in any of the other topics Project Veritas baited me into discussing (whether it’s antitrust, Congress, or the dozens of other topics that didn’t appear in the video, on which I presumably didn’t say anything that could be twisted to their advantage). I was having a casual chat with someone at a restaurant and used some imprecise language. Project Veritas got me. Well done.


“I don’t expect this post will do anything to deter, or convince, the people who are sending me abusive messages. In fact, it will probably encourage them, give them oxygen and amplify their theories.


“But maybe a few people will read it and realize that I’m not the cartoon cut-out villain that Project Veritas would have you believe.”

Gennai used the “harassment” excuse to also shut down her Twitter account, and privated her Instagram account. The other engineer featured in Project Veritas’ video also made his Facebook account private as well. This was revealed in a tweet by O’Keefe published on June 24th, 2019.

Hopefully the statements from Gohmert isn’t just for posture and placation. Millions of people are affected by Google’s products, and the fact that a tech company is so openly positioning itself to manipulate the upcoming 2020 elections should have the entire American public calling for a dismantling of Alphabet, charges of treason levied against them, and antitrust sanctions enacted.

However, we’ll see what the fallout is and whether YouTubers will do their part in helping expose this while politicians hopefully do their part in taking action. But based on past performance when big exposés like this dropped, expect sloth-like judiciary measures and even slower acts of legislation.

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