Devolver Bootleg Is Apparently A Worthwhile Inside Joke Of A Game

One of the few stealth launches of E3 2019, it sounds like the oddball Devolver Bootleg is turning some heads with an eclectic mix of tongue-in-cheek de-makes of popular indie games.

While E3 2019 wasn’t exactly packed with jaw-dropping moments, quite a few low-key games got announced this year, including a handful of titles revealed during Devolver’s annual games showcase that plays out more like a middle finger to an industry the publisher and its teams are an active member of. Perhaps the best example of that was the arrival of Devolver Bootleg, which launched on Steam the moment it was announced.

The idea here is pretty simple: Why wait for someone to make a cheap knockoff of your game when you can make your own cheap knockoff and rake in all the profits? It’s an idea that’s just crazy enough to work and, according to the buzz seen heading into the weekend, Devolver’s goofy little joke of a game is actually worth checking out.

Devolver Bootleg includes knockoffs of eight of their most popular games. On a generic blue loading screen, you’ll be able to pick from bangers like Hotline Milwaukee, Enter the Gun Dungeon and Ape Out Jr. There are even a couple of two-player only games, Absolvers and Pikuniku Ball-Stars.

Devolver Bootleg is $4.99, but it looks like the publisher is even having a laugh with the price, which is currently on sale for a “special promotion” of 1 percent off, bringing it down to $4.94.

All of that would be a fine little dose of ironic capitalism, but apparently the games are actually well-made little nods to the source material. Word is that they’re all pretty short affairs, but with some decent replayability built in. In other words, Devolver’s “bad knockoff games” are far better than the steaming piles you’d usually find in that category. The game only seems to have one bad review on Steam right now, and it’s from a guy who is apparently having crashing issues. And sites like Rock, Paper, Shotgun and AV Club have taken it for a spin and found the package worth a go.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a palate cleanser between big AAA games in the coming weeks, Devolver Bootleg might fit the bill.