Dissenter Browser Available For Download With Built-In Ad And Tracker Blockers

Back on April 11th, 2019 Gab.com informed the general public that they would be working on a browser… a free speech browser with Dissenter built-in. This came after Google and Firefox both banned the Dissenter browser extension from their app stores, and essentially made it extremely difficult to install the extension and keep it up to date. Well, Gab did indeed bypass the censorious nature of Google and Mozilla, and released their own browser with Dissenter, the free speech comment app, built right into the software along with ad and tracker blockers so you don’t ever have to see those annoying ads ever again.

The news was made available over on the official Dissenter website, where you can download the Browser right now.

The browser is currently available for macOS, Windows, and Linux. An iOS version is coming soon to the iTunes App Store.

The browser will allow you to easily and conveniently search the web without worrying about trackers watching your every move, or big tech blocking you from installing the apps you want, or censoring certain apps that stand outside of their ideological mandate.

The Dissenter browser comes with customization features so you can make the browser look the way you want, as well as dive into the Dissenter comment section built right into the browser itself. So no website is off limits from your comments, no matter how hard they try to lock down and censor your right to free speech.

Weirdly there aren’t a lot of people talking about the new browser on YouTube, which is a shame. Even still there is a YouTuber, Desi-Rae Thinking, who posted up a walkthrough on how to install the browser on your phone, which you can check out below.

It’s still early days for the browser so expect some hiccups. If you do decide to download the browser be sure to drop a comment on its performance to let us know how it performs for you. I’ll likely check the browser out myself once I get a little time to experiment with it and move over all my favorites and tools.

Nevertheless, the good part is that there’s at least a company out there fighting for your right to freely express yourself. It’s a small step in the right direction in weening people away from the cognitive concentration camps operated by big tech.

(Thanks for the news tip johntrine)


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