Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Director References Tifa’s Boobs Saying “They Will Bounce”
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Tifa Boob Jiggle

Some of the hot news spilling out of the Eastern side of the market is that Dissidia Final Fantasy NT director Takeo Kujiraoka confirmed that “they will bounce”.

Soranews24.com picked up the news from the blog Otakomu, who picked out a snippet from comments that Kujiraoka made in an interview with Famitsu. The director slyly told the Japanese magazine…

“I won’t say what ‘they’ are, but ‘they’ will bounce.”

Well, we kind of already know what “they” are and we’ve already seen them “bounce” in the reveal trailer that Team Ninja and Square put out for Tifa Lockhart’s appearance in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. If you missed the trailer before you can check it out below.

What Kujiraoka is referring to is when Tifa punches, kicks, jumps and moves about – basically any intense movements – you can see some slight boob jiggle taking place. A staple for many of the busty females that have appeared in Team Ninja games over the years, especially the Dead or Alive series.

This news is significant, because as Soranews24.com points out, Final Fantasy VII Remake restricted Tifa’s boobs from bouncing due to Square’s internal Ethics Department. This raises a fairly big question: why did the Ethics Department allow Team Ninja to make Tifa’s boobs jiggle in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT but they had to cover up her boobs in Final Fantasy VII Remake?

It’s a pertinent question because both games are published by Square Enix. However, Final Fantasy VII Remake is being developed internally at Square by Tetsuya Nomura and his team, where-as Dissidia Final Fantasy NT was developed by Team Ninja in collaboration with Koei Tecmo and Square Enix.

Dissidia Final Fantasy - Tifa Boobs

So it’s possible that for internally developed games Square’s Ethics Department cracks down on anything that it could see as being remotely enticing to normal gamers and have them censor it to coincide with things like Sony’s censorship policies, or it could be that they’re an ideologicallly driven department and simply don’t feel that boob jiggle belongs in games.

Either way, Tifa won’t be jiggling in Final Fantasy VII Remake due to the Ethics Department’s meddling. Even then, without their meddling it’s possible Sony’s Censorship Officers would step in and still issue the same command to remove any boob jiggle that Tifa might have had.

Moreover, Team Ninja if you want the true Tifa experience where she’s made to properly reflect her aesthetic from the original Final Fantasy VII you’ll have to get it from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Tifa Lockhart will arrive on the PC version starting July 2nd, and she’ll be available on the PS4 version starting July 3rd. According to Sankaku Complex you’ll also be able to gain access to additional skins for both her classic Final Fantasy VII outfit and extra colors for her Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children attire.

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