Dragon Star Varnir Is Coming To Steam Uncensored
Dragon Star Varnir PC

Idea Factory International announced that they will be bringing Dragon Star Varnir to the Steam store for PC gamers at some point later into 2019. The best part about it? It will be based on the original Japanese release, meaning no cut content, no modified images, and most importantly… no censorship.

The news came courtesy of a tweet that was published on the sunny afternoon of June 4th, 2019, beckoning gamers to bask in the good times and mirth of the warming news.

Some of you may have remembered that back in November of 2018 Idea Factory International announced that they had to censor Dragon Star Varnir for the Western release on PS4 to coincide with Sony’s censorship policies.

This put a huge damper on what gamers expected from the title in terms of experiencing the game the way the developers intended.

On the upside the game coming to Steam means that players will get the full experience without having to worry about content being removed or modified to accommodate the whims of Sony’s Censorship Officers.

To commemorate the announcement about the game coming to Steam, Idea Factory International released an overview trailer, which you can check out below.

It’s a shame that the game is being hampered down by talk about censorship because it has a pretty cool looking multi-layered turn-based battle system, where you’ll battle dragons on multiple planes using the different characters.

We know that the game is launching in the West first on the PS4 starting June 11th, but after that it will appear on Steam. Just remember that the PS4 version is censored but the Steam version won’t be.

You’ll need to keep an eye on the Steam publisher page to stay up-to-date on when Dragon Star Varnir will make its way to the Steam store.

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