EA Game Changers Initiative To Implement Systems To Reduce “Toxicity”, “Inequality”
EA Game Changers

Electronic Arts’ social engineering program known as EA Game Changers was the topic of discussion at a summit designed around talking about reducing “toxicity”, “inequality” and “bad actors” in the world of interactive entertainment. They gathered together 200 content creators, influencers, and streamers at the summit to discuss how they can help reduce bullying and harassment in order to build a “safe” and “fair” environment for gaming.

If this all sounds like some sort of megalomaniacal speech given at the Ministry of Love, well you’re not alone.

There were multiple threads by various content creators and EA employees covering the summit, including Westie, a verified YouTuber who was live-tweeting during the event. On June 7th, 2019 Westie tweeted out some of the info from the stage presentation to get things started.

Westie linked over to a lengthy thread from Electronic Arts’ international manager of community engagement, Lee Williams, who broke down more of what was taking place at the Game Changers summit, and provided links to organizations like Ditch The Label, which is an activism group aimed at removing “prejudice” from the world by reducing “trolling” and “bullying”.

Williams moved over to his own panel discussing the tools and systems that Electronic Arts are apparently working on in order to combat “toxicity” and “bad actors”.

Westie once again provided live-tweets and some brief commentary about the panel, stating that EA needs to work with Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo to create more a more centralized format of draconian policies for gamers to abide by.

The whole thing reads like more authoritarianism being passed down onto gamers.

It makes sense to have online parental control functions for ‘E’ through ‘T’ rated games, but beyond that there is absolutely no reason why ‘M’ rated games need corporations stepping in to baby grown adults playing multiplayer titles.

Provide people with a mute button and a block button, and call it a day. That’s it. If you aren’t intelligent enough to know how to mute or block people, then you don’t deserve to play online. It’s really that simple.

This idea that corporations need to start overstepping their bounds in what could only be described as engineering systems for behavioral influence is way outside the boundaries of what any video game maker needs to be doing.

The fact that Electronic Arts is holding a summit to essentially socially engineer through software a means to reduce “toxicity” and “bad actors” is nothing short of despotic. As far as multiplayer interaction is concerned, the only tools they should be working on is matchmaking discovery so people of like-minded skill can team up or square off, and improved mute and block lists so players have control over who they do and do not want to hear or see in chat. That’s it.

Unfortunately Electronic Arts is fully converged, and now they’re trying to foist their agenda on everyone else whether they like it or not.

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