Éclair Blanche Censored In Germany To “Protect Minors”
eclair blanche

Yuri anthology manga Éclair Blanche had a chapter censored in Germany for its release, according to a recent report from German outlet Sumikai. The reason for the removal of the chapter? Because they felt they had to protect the fictional minors.

The anthology originally came out back in June of 2017, according to the Anilist website. It’s originally supposed to feature 16 chapters, but when the Éclair Blanche: Girls Love Anthologie launched in Germany back in April of 2019 via Altraverse, you’ll note that the description states there are only 15 stories instead of 16.

Sumikai points out that the story missing from the anthology is the entry Kotori to Blanche by Itou Hachi. The fifth chapter in the anthology going missing was quickly spotted by manga enthusiasts.

The news article points to the Comic Forum where users wrote in to Altraverse asking about the missing chapter, and why Hachi’s piece was removed.

They reportedly received a letter stating…

“Right it’s actually 16 stories.


“But after consulting with the Japanese publisher, we decided not to publish a story in order to avoid consequences risking the protection of minors.”

So what was it about that particular story that may have led Altraverse to remove the chapter from the anthology? Well, according to another user going by the handle of B4ion, he showed a brief snippet from the chapter that involved an older woman and a younger girl in elementary school who went shopping for underwear. In one brief panel we see the woman and girl kissing. The image can be viewed below.

Some of the people in the forum agreed that the kiss constituted a form of “sexuality” and therefore the decision to completely remove the entire chapter from the anthology was the right thing to do.

Others, however, argued that censoring the entire entry was too much and that they shouldn’t have gone that far.

The real issue, however, is that we still don’t know if that’s explicitly why Altraverse had the entire chapter removed. They only mentioned the issue with the minors, but that doesn’t really mean that it was the kiss that did in Hachi’s story.

As noted in the Sumikai article, Altraverse has made no official statement about the removal of the short story in order to censor the German release of Éclair Blanche. For now the company seems to be taking Valve’s approach with the censorship, by making a blanket statement and forfeiting any further explanations.

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